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Advertising in the project

Advertising with us is beneficial not only from the point of view of attracting new customers and partners for your business. This is the first class way to promote your brand!

Advertising Carousel

The carousel of ads at the bottom of the pages of all major functional sections. Participants of the advertising carousel become mini-sponsors of our social network, as well as receive additional points of reputation. This ad space is great for brands promotion! The maximum number of advertisers is 10.

Cost per 1000 impressions: 150 WMC (~1.3364 EUR)
Cost per day of static placement: 1,000 WMC (~8.9095 EUR)
Cost per month of static placement: 15,000 WMC (~133.6422 EUR)
Cost per year of static placement: 125,000 WMC (~1,113.6850 EUR)

You can pay, upload and castomize this type of advertising it yourself. To do this, click here.

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