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4. Natural law

What is natural law.

Every individual has a "natural right". Nature creates the body. Gives the tools of power. Attaches aspirations. Every organism has the right to do everything, on what it is capable, realizing natural aspirations. Each individual enjoys a "natural right" to satisfy his "own" interests. This right is not limited to anything, except the power of the individual. Given to the individual by nature in the form of instruments of power. Selected - death. The magnitude of "natural law" is limited by the power that the individual has achieved.

The right to lynch.

When a person's interests are violated by other people, he has the right to protect his interests, people representing public authority. A person whose vital interests are grossly violated, and representatives of public authorities do not want to restore justice, has the right to become a "judge" and an "executioner". He can independently pass sentence on his offender and execute the verdict on his own.

Every individual has a "natural right" to protect their interests on their own. No power in the world can take away from a person such a right. He can arm himself and kill his abuser.

But, since lynching is not a legal punishment, after the murder of the offender, the "executioner" must kill himself. If you do not kill yourself, then it will not be an execution. It will be murder. Intentional homicide is the most serious crime, therefore it is punishable by death, without a chance of liberation. It does not matter the reason.

In order to decide on the murder of your abuser, you need a very significant reason. Not everyone will dare to kill themselves because of a trifle. Therefore, such a form of justice will not be extended. This is an exceptional measure. But, the consciousness of the possibility of lynching, by each person of the community, will have a positive effect for everyone. No potential offender can feel completely safe. This consciousness must keep all the people of the community from behaving evilly to other people. To hide from the crime by imperfection of the law or imperfection of the servants of the law - it will not work.

The natural right of the mother.

Mother has the natural right to dispose of her own child's life. The state has no right, to punish the mother, for causing death to her own child, up to the age of one year. The state takes upon itself the responsibility, to protect the person, only from the age of one year.

The right of one's own death.

A person is not asked if he wants to be born. Because there is not anyone to ask. A person has been deprived of the right to leave his life when he considers that the time has come. Leave with dignity. Taken away by the church and public law.

A person can stop the process of his life of his own free will. This is his natural right. No one in the world is able to take this right from the person. But human life is protected by the instinct of self-preservation. It is difficult to commit suicide. It is necessary to apply extreme methods. Man realizes the right to die, but loses his dignity. Causes living people a lot of trouble and suffering. You can not force a person to commit suicide.

Many people can not kill themselves, they can not live on their own. They suffer from pain. For them, there is no hope of recovery. They should be allowed to die, of their own free will. A way that does not degrade a person's dignity. Then, when there is still dignity. This problem concerns absolutely every person. We are all mortal. And we must solve this problem once and for all. You can not keep a person alive, forcibly. Own life is not the greatest value. The state must provide everyone with the opportunity to leave life, in a way that is human. To help the needy. Do not punish someone who has shown mercy, by agreement. Public morality can condemn voluntary withdrawal from life. But it should not be forbidden.

Awareness of the possibility of premature departure from life, for many, will become a consciousness of the always existing way out of any trouble. It will stimulate the search for another way to solve the difficulties that have arisen. Will allow me to seriously think about death. Allows to truly appreciate life. Everyone who has lived an extra day. Will bring a new meaning to the rest of life.

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