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Phenomena of society

Reason of public law

Society becomes moral due to selection. Fit survive. Unsuitable, perish without offspring. But representatives of other nations can enter society. Carrying your morality. Not recognizing others, they are equal. In a moral society it is easy for them to survive, appropriating someone else's, by violence or deceit, leading a criminal life. Society must quickly stop their life activities, fleeing from ruin and death.

Public will prescribes punishment for people who do not want to be ethically voluntarily. Urges to moral behavior. Forcibly. Threats of reprisal or reprisal.

Compliance with the law

Man obeys the law, for reasons:

- Due to innate morality (good people).

- Due to the habit of thinking - education (mixed type of people).

- Because of fear of punishment (evil people).

The reason for obeying the law

In order that everyone obeys the law, one must cherish something.

To cherish a person can:

- His life, from which he enjoys.

- Communication with people who satisfy the instinct of communication.

- A favorite thing that life comprehends.

- Ownership, created by their own labor, for their survival.

- Stocks of money for which you can meet the needs.

What prevents the pilot from destroying the plane, killing himself and passengers? Nothing!!! Why does not he do it? Because he wants to live. Because he lives by the hope for the pleasures of life in the future.

The life of people is based on the instinct of self-preservation: the fear of death, the desire to live. And in the common sense. A person does something, and from some actions refuses on the basis of foreseeing the consequences for his life.

When a person has nothing to lose, fear of punishment disappears. The basis of social violence in the form of the law collapses. The state is collapsing.

Reason for violation of law

In the society there were many temptations. A person wants something that the other has, but he himself is not able to create it. The legitimate way to get what you want is to create a good for others, exchange for what you want.

Modern society is not perfect. The powerful have seized by violence cost-effective production, the means of production, the right to activity. Restricted access to education and free activities for many. In such conditions, the economy and law, to get what is desired honestly, is difficult.

The spirituality of people in a society with a vicious organization is low. Desired is easy to take and appropriate. From such an act a person is kept morally. He knows, this is not good. Such an act is condemned by people. But if you really want, but no moral values? Man transgresses the moral law, for himself, brings evil to others.

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This is an automatic translation.
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