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Cause of the moral law

Good people do not violate the interests of others. Therefore, they do not need moral prohibitions and rules. It is sufficient to understand the essence of ethics, to know the purpose of ethics and to be able to apply knowledge in practice, through sound judgment.

Ethics are the spirit of the law. The goal that must be achieved.

For those who are not able to interpret the rules of ethics is true, moral prohibitions and rules are formulated. Their purpose is correct behavior. Pedantically following the rules, a person behaves as if he understands the requirements of ethics.

Morality is the letter of the law. The rules that must be met to achieve the goal. The less perfect each representative of society, the more rules have to be formulated, for the survival of the people. Do not prohibit what no one does. The number of rules and prohibitions is an indicator of the character and spirituality of the people.

Source of morality

Spirit of the Family

Spirit is a perfect information organism. Source of spiritual motives. Spiritual motives govern the desires of the soul for the sake of achieving the individual's goals, which go beyond his own interests and his own life. Actions for the sake of their children, their families, their families, their nation. For the sake of other people's good.

Spiritual values ​​are formulated by gifted, wise people. On the basis of instincts. Preserved and accumulated in the products of culture - the spirit of the genus.

Moral Prophets

There are people who become innovators, initiators and guides of a new morality. Moral prophets feel the essence of ethical values ​​and, according to their feelings, can most accurately formulate their demands in words or express in feelings by means of art.

Be an example for others

Immorality is the result of selfishness inherent in us by nature as an instinct of behavior. Behavior that should lead to survival in the wild. But the society of people is not a wild nature. Therefore, the instinct of selfishness must be subordinated to the arguments of reason. By realizing the benefits of ethical behavior. The way of following the requirements of morality.

These requirements are suggested to each person by parental upbringing. By acquaintance with the values ​​of the culture of the people. Through communication, the perception of media products. Each person subtly feels the emotional context of the act of a person or an artistic character. Approving or condemning the position of the author of the artistic image.

What is our morality, such is the production of our life activity. Our actions. We are the source of evil or good for the people around us. Everyone. Everyone, in its place.

People that surround us are infected from us by the need for good or evil. Strong people infect their emotions with the weak. The more there are strong people who bring good to other people, in expressed emotions, spiritual values ​​and their own actions, the more people will imitate them. The stronger and more powerful the society will be. The more satisfied will be the needs of each member of such a society.

The source of evil

"Devil" is a collective image of the source of evil for a person. Information organism, evil spirit. Motivations of the body that govern the soul, but not for the fulfillment of the dictates of instincts, but for the sake of the pleasures themselves.

"Selling the soul to the devil" is a figurative expression. A person does not make a real deal with a real being. There is a spiritual change. A person takes a deliberate, conscious decision: "To live for oneself. For your own pleasure. " Enjoyment of consumption. Pleasure from power. The moment of making a decision is the sale of one's own soul. The soul voluntarily surrenders to the power of an evil information entity (the devil), which later powerfully makes decisions. An evil informational essence expels from the consciousness moral values ​​that interfere with the achievement of the goal. It seizes the soul. From now on the soul is governed by the "devil".

What leads man to control the evil spirit?

The individual lives for pleasure, this is the only meaning of the life of the soul. She strives for pleasure as a goal. It takes pleasure not from following the call of instincts, but for the sake of pleasure itself, contrary to the purpose of instincts. Such a person deceives his instincts. Gets pleasure from actions that do not lead to the goals of nature. Under the control of the evil spirit a person is reborn. It becomes greedy, greedy, greedy, petty, stingy, prone to profit. In relation to people, becomes insensitive, insolent, cruel, cynical, arrogant. Consumes and exploits people around them. People avoid contact with such a person. He becomes lonely and unhappy. The process of degeneration is slow, but irreversible.

The beginning of the movement along the path of rebirth can be the need for comfort. At first it is constructive. Serves to meet the daily needs of the body and the psyche in a convenient way. If the need, from the means of life becomes the goal, there is a rebirth of the spirit. This vice is called "domestic pride." Man strive for luxury goods consciously. They are most satisfied with vanity, pride. Luxury goods are expensive. To buy, you need a lot of money. You can get money in two ways. Increase labor productivity. But this way is contrary to the goal - comfort. It requires more work, thinking. The second is to exploit someone else's work more. And this way leads directly to causing harm to people.

Luxury, beginning with comfort, through effeminacy and relaxation, leads to bodily and spiritual degeneration. Becoming on the way of consumption of luxury goods, a person becomes a slave of things. Now he does not belong to himself. Belongs to things and is controlled by them: protection from thieves is necessary; expensive thing requires expensive care; every defect in the subject grieves as a universal catastrophe; bad mood is discharged in people. The more expensive things - the worse. Money is squeezed out of the workers, due to the need. Man becomes a source of evil for others. There is a line of comfort, for which you can not go. Behind it begins a bottomless abyss of degradation of spirituality. It is only personal tragedy that can save from this abyss. "Randomness" will take away what the person valued. Will open a chance to be reborn spiritually.

A powerful spiritual defense against degradation - "not selling the soul to the devil" means:

- the priority of moral values ​​over material values;

- the priority of eternal values, before the perishable;

- to sacrifice their own pleasures, for the sake of the interests of other people in the community.

In order not to break into the "abyss", close to its "edge" is not suitable:

Do not tempt yourself. Do not be tempted. Do not envy.

Do not tempt others. Do not tempt. Do not inspire envy.

Educate each other

All people are able to educate each other. For this, it is necessary to inform the person about the agreement with him or the condemnation of his thoughts and actions. The absence of a conviction for a non-ethical act will be regarded by a person as consent.

To encourage a good deed is no less important than condemning the evil one.

Educate the ruler

Everyone is responsible for what the ruler does. To be silent means to inspire the ruler with a sense of rightness and power. There is a sensitive feedback through the reaction of the people to the policy of the ruler. The reaction of the people forms a sense of the power of the ruler. The people pay, welfare, for mistakes of the ruler.

Evil has no excuse

- It is inadmissible to inflict harm on one person for the sake of others (slavery).

- It is unacceptable to inflict evil on people of the present, for the sake of people of the future.

- It is inadmissible to inflict harm on people of the future, for the sake of people of the present.

The Cause of Good and Evil

Do not explain your evil, evil towards you from others. They act for the same reason. Relay of evil. For other people, this is evil.

You and only you are the source, both good and evil, for other people.

Refrain from inflicting harm on the evil received. Break the chain of evil.

If you want to do good to a man - do it. The reason is not necessary to invent. Start the chain of good.

Make ethical only yourself

Every person should know what ethics are, what is its nature, purpose and requirements. Everyone must make ethical, only himself. It's all! No more doing anything. The whole society will become ethical.

How to change yourself?

It is necessary to understand the truth. Consciously make a decision: "Be ethical." Try to execute the decision, without interruption, for 50 days. The role is united with the personality. You will change the way you want. Your behavior will become ethical.

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This is an automatic translation.
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