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Means of expression of ethical requirements:

Ethical and unethical behavior is reflected in the meaning of words, which we call the qualities and actions of people. In words, we express our attitude towards a person, encouraging or condemning behavior. The word is a capacious form of people's experience, a form of strengthening morality, mentality, ethics.

Other ways of securing ethical requirements:

The proverb is a short, stable expression, a figurative comparison.

The proverb is a short saying with an instructive content.

Legend - a story of historical content.

Myth is an ancient folk story about heroes, gods, natural phenomena.

Legend is an ancient folk legend about the heroic events of the past.

Aphorism is a short saying with a generalizing inference.

The parable is a brief, instructive, allegorical story.

The covenant is a guide to the descendants.

To behave ethically, you need to know the words in which a moral assessment is made, and correctly understand their meaning:

Words expressing what is "ethical"

A friend is another me; same, equal.

Friends are other me. My soul is in other incarnations. All people are Friends.

Friendship is an unselfish, enduring friendliness based on love and respect.

Friendliness is an arrangement for peace, harmony, mutual love and services.

Friendly - gracious, gracious, hospitable and peace-loving.

Good is all useful, good, serving our survival.

Benefit - a value for health, life. Improvement, relief, benefit.

Kind - good works.

Kindness is good nature, benevolence, inclination to goodness.

Kindheartedness is a spiritual disposition towards good.

Kind - heartedness - inclination in its nature to good, good.

Conscientiousness - truthful, honest, decent in deeds.

Benevolent - to wish people good; mentally, sincerely.

Goodwill is to do good and useful things for the common good.

The good is that it satisfies the need that serves our survival.

Thanksgiving is good. To do good to a friend, for nothing.

Thank you - God save you. The desire for the grace of God for a good cause.

Gratitude is the desire to give good for good. Execution of the good.

Blagorvie - pure, unblemished morality, bringing benefit to others.

Decent is the harmonization of words and deeds with customs and traditions.

Prudence is following the mind of the idea of ​​good, according to conscience.

Favorable - prone to deeds of good. Gracious, benevolent.

A blessing is a blessing to create. Do good to others.

Conscience is a connected knowledge. A single knowledge of society about good and evil.

Vezha is the knowledge of truth.

Truth is truth in image, in fact, in good.

The right is true, undefiled.

Right is power recognized by the custom of people.

Righteousness is right knowledge, knowledge. Following the dictates of conscience.

Fair - correcting inequality in conscience.

Edit - correct, correct. Do more correctly, more correctly.

Honor is the moral dignity of man. Clean conscience.

Shame is the realization of committed sin. Repentance.

The hero is the person who committed the deed for the good of the people.

To love is to wish for good. Feel a liking.

Respect - to recognize the other as equal. Recognize dignity.

Respectful - honorable. Honoring.

Polite - observing decency.

Tactical - able to observe decency.

Pleasant - polite, decent. Observing the decency of the hostel.

Friendly - affectionate, hospitable. Cordially polite.

Courteous - courteous, affectionate, friendly, familiar with people.

Faithful is a reliable, faithful.

A devotee is persistent in regard to friendship.

Happy - sympathetic attitude, help.

Responsive - responds to a request for help.

Help - share power. To give a friend good, good, good.

Help - share your power.

Merciful - ready to do good to everyone. Sorry and willing to help.

Generous - merciful to the rescue.

Mercy - the desire for good in practice, forgiveness, mercy.

Indulgent - giving mercy, mercy.

Compassionate - experiencing spiritual suffering from contemplation of others' sufferings.

Disinterested - unwillingness to reward and retaliate for good deeds.

Ethical - not willing to use anything to the detriment or hurt others.

Moral - unwilling to cause harm to anyone or anything.

Spiritual - guided by the spirit of morality.

Moral - not willing to harm a person.

Forgiving - forgiving evil if a person has realized and reformed.

Work is everything that requires effort, diligence, caring. Every strain of bodily and mental strength. Everything that tires.

Hard - working - not tolerant idleness.

Work - do good, produce through effort.

Words expressing what is "not ethical"

The enemy is the enemy, the enemy, the ill-wishers, the evil-doer, the malefactor.

Hostile - hostile, hostile.

The enemy is a thinking and acting in spite of, an evil-doer.

The traitor is the violator of faith, friendship.

Betrayal - ingratitude. The answer is evil for good.

Outcast - expelled from society, because of evil temper.

Hoot - harm, disasters, damage to property, damage to property.

Thin - bad, with a lack, a vice, damage.

Bad - unfit, incapable.

Vice is a spiritual defect. Propensity to evil, evil, lies.

Poverty is a physical defect, as the cause of vice.

Bes is a wicked creature, an evil spirit. Hatred of the human race.

Mad - possessed by the devil. Cruel, cruel, violent, dangerous.

Dashingly - disaster, unhappiness. Harm to life. Suffering. Death.

Riotousness is evil, evil deed .

Harm - damage, loss. Real or spiritual.

To damage - to cause damage, loss, insult, suffering.

To spoil - to make of a good bad, less than good.

Damage - to do harm.

To kill is to take life, from the soul and spirit.

Evil is all harmful, interfering with our survival.

Evil - causing evil, wanting evil.

Malice is an evil disposition towards another.

Evil - angry, vindictive, malicious, vindictive.

Malicious - harmful, pernicious, disastrous, distressed.

Angry - having an evil soul. Vicious, wicked.

An evil one has an evil temper.

The villain is who does evil. Enemy, foe, criminal.

Ridiculous - who remembers evil or insult for a long time. Do not forgive. Mastitis.

Malignant - who rejoices in someone else's misfortune, trouble, grief.

To spite - to spite on another, to slander, to vilify.

Malicious is the creator of evil, causing evil.

To abuse - to turn to evil, to evil deed, to harm.

To hate - to wish evil, to be an enemy, to feed enmity, anger.

To lie is to say or write a lie that is contrary to the truth.

To deceive - in a word or deed to mislead.

Lying - talking nonsense, fiction, trifles; to say nothing.

Yabed - slander, vain, slander, false denunciation.

To defame - to glorify, to dishonor.

To blaspheme is to call bad, bad, unfit.

Slander is the introduction of discord between friends, word.

Hypocrite - deceive appearance, pretend.

Hypocrisy is a moral mask for concealing immorality.

Insidiousness is maliciousness, covered with ostentatious benevolence.

Treason - infidelity in thought, betrayal, transition to the enemy.

Not grateful - does not recognize the debt for the service. Responding evil to good.

To marry is to do evil under the guise of good, by deception.

Deceiver - who promises not fulfilling.

Caverza - intrigue, an evil trick, dirty trick.

Sassy - self- righteous , rude. Does not count with others.

Shameless - not having a conscience in action.

Shameless - not shamed. Without fear of dishonor, for the sake of profit.

Insolence is an injustice leading to dishonor.

Insolent - impudent, shameless, shameless, defiant. Do not respect others.

Tricky - malicious, crafty, insidious.

Cynical - neglecting the lives of others for the sake of self-interest.

Scoundrel - in whom there is no honor and self-respect. Going to the goal is immoral.

Tactless - without respect for another, due to his own frailness.

Unceremonious - without respect for others, neglecting etiquette.

Not courteous - without respect for others, neglecting etiquette.

Rough - behavior that infringes the dignity of another.

Scandalous - violent behavior for their own interests.

Wrestling is a fight, a massacre, a war; quarrel, disagreement, enmity, swearing.

Sin - every unlawful, reprehensible act.

Wines - violation of the rights of the individual, property. Legal or illegal.

Offense is a violation of ethical norms.

Theft - the appropriation of someone else, secretly.

Steal - to take someone else's.

Stealing is something else's secret.

Cruel - without pity, without regret, without sympathy for another.

Soulless - as if without a soul. Insensible to the suffering of another.

Spiritless - without the spirit of morality, which controls the soul.

Stupid - without attention to the feelings of another.

Not merciful - without mercy in the soul, without the forgiveness of the evil caused.

Arrogant - contemptuous about another, self-confident.

Arrogant - arrogant, arrogant and puffy.

Vain - arrogantly striving for glory and reverence.

Ambitious - hungry, praise.

Self - centered - with a heightened sense of self-worth.

Narcissistic - loving only himself.

Unjust - not recognizing equality to yourself, other people.

Vindictive - vindictive, answering evil for evil.

Greedy - insatiable, avid for something. Assign everything to yourself alone.

Selfish - greedy for wealth, for money, for livelihood.

Miserly - denying himself and others in the right.

Laziness - disgust from work, from business, occupation; inclination to idleness.

Lazy - sluggish, uncooperative; idle, negligent.

The idler is a parasite, a bad worker.

Proverbs and sayings about ethical behavior

Do not wish a friend what you do not want.

What else you do not love, and do not do it yourself.

I laughed at a friend and cried over myself.

Do not dig another pit - you'll get yourself.

Do not spit in the "well", from which you drink.

What goes around comes around.

As it does, it will respond.

Love loves itself, and Divine - a friend.

Loving, God loves.

To love yourself is to love a friend.

More than that love does not happen, as each other dies.

The friendship is true.

Whom you love, you yourself give; but you do not love him, you will not accept him.

Friend of friends, do not harm another (do not kill the enemy).

In a wicked life - to walk the world.

Forget you my good, but do not make me thin.

Evil does not believe that there are good people.

The power of God is in truth.

Whoever does good, God will pay back.

Do not wait for kindness for good.

Many wishing - good not to see.

Who cheats today will not be believed tomorrow.

Once I lied, I became a liar forever.

With a deceptive person, do not.

If a man lies, he steals.

With whom you will lead, from that you will be typed.

Ethical behavior is a sign of the giftedness of an individual

Moral behavior is a symptom of a perfect soul. It requires more complex mental activity than immoral. Greater power of the soul. The more perfect a person, the more moral it is. The degree of morality is a measure of the perfection of the human soul. To be ethical means to be hardworking, generous, merciful. Respect, help, benefit to create.

Unethical behavior is a sign of the squalor of an individual

Laziness is the result of the lack of vital energy (a weak genome).

To deceive is the desire to take over a stranger, without difficulty, because of laziness.

Miserliness is a lack of ability to satisfy your own needs.

Greed - unbelief in yourself, your power.

Insanity - the degradation of the psyche. Loss of moral feelings.

Everyone shows his gift or wretchedness, by actions.

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