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Appropriate (law) means leading humanity to fulfill a mission, "The Way of Good".

Formulation of goals

The human community is a form of organization of people, having the goal - to increase the ability to survive. There are special conditions in the community for the individual development of each person and the evolutionary development of all. In the community, the power of all together and each individually increases significantly. Everyone's standard of living increases. Life becomes interesting and pleasant. There is an opportunity to implement such grandiose projects that will never be available to the power of a single person.

The unity of the human community is threatened by the instinct of the individual - egoism. The legacy of thousands of years of independent survival in the harsh environment of nature. Life in the community is not so prolonged that people who are carriers of the instinct of selfishness, without a mechanism of mitigation, die out. Instincts blocking the manifestation of evil, appeared not so long ago. Their action has not yet spread to all. Each of us can inherit the instinct of selfishness. We must find effective ways to stop the evil manifestations of the soul, for the common good.

LAW. The content of concepts.

The Commonwealth is a form of organizing people into a community, based on good.

World community - the world community, is based on mutual benefit.

Secretly - secretly.

Mystery is something no one can guess.

God is the image of good.

Moral behavior is behavior that brings good to the object.

Moral behavior is behavior that brings good to people.

Sincere - expressing feelings frankly.

The devil is the image of evil.

Immoral behavior is evil to people.

Immoral behavior is an evil thing to living beings.

A parasite is one who lives at the expense of another and harms him.

Bandit community - is based on parasitism.

To dominate is to prevail, to be basic.

Cliche - a template, which creates the same shape.

Embodiment - the acquisition of the spiritual essence of the material container.

Innovator is the one who introduces new, progressive ideas.

The initiator is the one who takes initiative, the initiator.

Explorer - indicating the path leading along the path.

Allow - allow, allow.

Condemnation is to express disapproval, reproach. Recognize is not permissible.

Endorsement is to express praise. Recognize the good, the right, the permissible.

Educate - grow, influencing the spiritual development, teaching the rules.

Known - about which everyone knows.

Clear - easily accessible to perception, understanding. Logical.

Simple - easy to implement.

Luxury - excesses in the consumption of goods, not necessary for the performance of the mission.

Sufficiency - well-being, lack of need.

Need is a lack of the benefits necessary for life.

Poverty is life by work, in a state of constant need.

Poverty - life at the expense of alms, parasitic, without difficulty.

Adultery is a violation of the vow of adultery.

Envy - spiritual suffering from the well-being of others.

Pride is an excessively high opinion of oneself and one's own, arrogance towards others.

Crime is a conscious violation of the law, for the good of oneself.

Violate - act against the rules of public order.

Prohibition is what is not allowed by law.

Perjury is to tell lies, causing evil. Harm.

Causing is the cause.

Harm :

- physical (harm to the human body),

- mental (harm to the person's personality).

- material (harm to human property),

Warning is a warning about not desirable consequences.

Penalty - punishment by a monetary penalty.

Isolate - deprive of perceptions, communication, freedom.

Force - create need for violence.

Violence is the use of physical force.

Punish - take away benefits, violence.

To execute - to punish, having taken away a life. Stop the criminal life.

Severe - very strict, not merciful.

Actual - have value in the present.

Pedantically - exactly according to instructions, regardless of the peculiarity of the circumstances.

Euthanasia - death with the help of a friend, voluntary withdrawal from life.

Sense is the reason for living.

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