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The development of the logo is not easy, but interesting.
A logo is a combination of one or more elements: color, font, picture.
In this article we will try to understand what role the color plays and how to choose it more successfully.
To start with, a logo can consist of one, two or more colors

color and logo from vto.kz

When the color of the logo is supposed to be one, everything seems extremely simple, but do not forget that color conveys the mood and displays the company's activities. As an example, I give two well-known logos, from which we changed the color.

color and logo from vto.kz

It's funny how habitual becomes unusual, and one brand mimics in another, and all thanks to color. In order to make it easier for you to choose - see the chart below, which shows the ratio of logos for color differentiation.

color and logo from vto.kz

But if the color for a monochrome logo is more or less easy to pick up, then with logos consisting of several colors, everything is much more complicated.

apple from vto.kz

It is desirable to use colors that are combined - in this case the color wheel and the color schemes presented below will help us.

color and logo from the company vto.kz

Above are not all the color schemes - it's a whole science. But for those who want more - a link to the online program for a selection of combined colors (https://color.adobe.com/en).

Source: vto.kz

This is an automatic translation.
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