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Distribution of social product

Justice in the family.

The basis of the family consists of two people: a husband and wife. A family is an organization. It is created with the purpose to jointly survive and reproduce itself in posterity. Each of the spouses makes a labor effort to meet the needs of the family. When both spouses work together and rest together, there are no conflicts. If one of the spouses is working more than the other, a conflict of interest arises. Problems arise in personal relationships, because of the question of the fair distribution of the joint product for everyone: "who works harder" for the benefit of the family and "who uses more" from the family budget. There is no formal way to measure labor. If the spouses are selfish, joint life turns into an unceasing dispute about rights and responsibilities, poisoning life. Conflicts, the welfare of the spouses is significantly reduced. Unfair family degrades and collapses. Children suffer.

Justice in the organization.

The organization is a union of a large number of people, for the joint satisfaction of personal interests. The organization achieves efficiency, division of labor. As in the family, it is difficult to measure the contribution of everyone to the common cause. The question arises of the validity of the distribution of the social product at all. People who are not ethical, having power, redistribute a large share of the social product to themselves. Infringe on the interests of colleagues, they act unfairly. Disadvantaged work worse. An unjust organization degrades and disintegrates. From bankruptcies, society is getting poorer.

Justice in the state.

The state is also a union of people, created for joint survival. It also raises the question of the fair distribution of the social product. Whoever has state power, he redistributes the social product to himself and obedient to his will. A large number of people are striving for state power, for the opportunity to distribute a social product. In this struggle they use methods of violence, they bring harm to society. Workers are forced to fight for their interests by constant rallies of protests, strikes. The lower the already low level of well-being. An unjust state destroys itself.

Equity conditions

Violence is a way of unjust distribution of a social product.

Equity is greater where there is less violence. Violence is less where there is freedom. Freedom is the cultural achievement of a society of highly spiritual people.

A just state, organization, family is the goal to which humanity has been striving for thousands of years. Justice is a condition for co-survival.

The formula for fairness is simple:

- To be free, one must respect the freedom of others.

- If you use violence against others, you will be subjected to violence yourself.

- The path to freedom and justice - through high spirituality and self-control.

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