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The essence of wealth

Wealth - the blessings created by a large number of people, passed into possession and disposal of one person.

Individual wealth

Sources of individual wealth

Wealth, evil and violence.

- Robbery of the conquered people.

- Taking of tribute, taxes, fines.

- Exploitation of a worker who is understated by the payment of labor.

Wealth, exploitation.

- Exploitation of the worker, labor productivity.

- Exploitation of the worker. Production of goods (profit).

- Exploitation of the buyer. International trade (profit).

- Sale of natural resources. Ownership of resources.

- Ownership of the means of production. Rent.

- A service of money. Interest for use. Debt bondage.

Wealth, without exploitation.

- Fair pay for useful, highly skilled work.

- Intellectual property. Patents, licenses.

- Information product. Mass replication.

- Products of creativity, consumed together and massively.

The degree of individual wealth (wealth)


Poverty is the lack of a livelihood. Survive with alms.

Causes of poverty. There is no social insurance for citizens against accidents or natural disasters. There is no social care for orphans. Crime and scam of gangsters who take property from workers. State crime (corruption), covering crime gangsters, lack of punishment. Social injustice - citizens can not defend their interests and rights in a corrupt court.

Beggars are a sign of a social disease, a state system.


Poverty is a shortage of funds to fulfill an individual mission.

The cause of poverty is social injustice in the distribution of the social product. There is no minimum wage rate protected by the state. The form of state power created by the owners does not help caring for the workers. This is the root cause of poverty. From it follows the derived reason - the lack of motivation for education and work. Without strong motivation, a person prefers work - idleness. Idle is poor himself and makes the poor in a state where he does not want to work.


The well-being needed to fulfill an individual mission is called prosperity. The shortage is due to the temporary epoch, the reserves of natural resources, the natural conditions for life in a particular country in the world, the military confrontation between the elites of states. The notion of prosperity is formed on the basis of the productivity of the people's labor (GDP) and social justice in the distribution of the social product. Representation of citizens about prosperity forms public opinion, created by public people, whom everyone respects, their authority is trusted.


Excess - the benefits that the individual consumes, not appropriate in relation to the individual mission.

Luxury - excessive excess in the consumption of goods. Luxury is a product of an archetype based on ancient innate instincts: greed, greed, envy, jealousy, imitation. Product of the psyche: arrogance, arrogance, arrogance, arrogance. The product of the "mental body": public opinion, the pursuit of luxury, wealth, privilege, origin, elite, nobility, aristocracy.

Evil from luxury. The desire for luxury leads to the need to reduce the wages of workers. Increase the degree of exploitation. Increase profits. The decrease in wages leads to a change in the structure of consumer investment. The structure of production changes. The production of goods for workers is declining. The standard of living of workers is reduced. The dissatisfaction of needs is growing. The demographic situation worsens (a decline in the birth rate). The production of luxury goods is increasing. The number of workers for the production of luxury goods, services to the rich people is increasing. Natural resources are spent not on the true values ​​necessary for the evolution of life, but for receiving mental pleasures of individuals, whims and fads. The labor and creative potential of a person is distracted from the solution of important evolutionary problems to solve the problems of vain, transitory, perishable. There is a stratification of society into three categories: rich owners, those who serve them, all the others who are exploited.

Mankind has passed this way of organizing society many thousands of years ago. History has shown - this device is not durable. The working people are degrading. The elite is degrading. Society is weakening. Other forms of organization of society, more perfect and powerful, cause the death of the weakened.

The process of the stratification of society into proprietors and proletarians occurs with the inevitability of the law of nature. Even if in the foundation of society there is one family, that is, all are relatives to each other. This process will occur in any society at any time. Because the reason for this trend lies in each of us, in the genome. To reverse the situation can only be a conscious effort, based on the mind, but not instincts.

Why should the situation be changed? Because instincts do not always govern a person. They do not have time to change so quickly, how quickly the form of organization of people changes. Obsolete instincts hinder the progressive development of mankind.

The state should create public opinion, condemning luxury.

Ethical citizens should strive for prosperity and be ashamed of luxury.

Fair pay for useful, highly skilled work

Workers envy people of high qualifications, because of very high wages. In tens and even hundreds of times higher than the value of "labor cost" worker. In socialist society, the difference in the payment of highly skilled and unskilled labor was made insignificant. The result was a general impoverishment.

Tens of thousands of workers can selflessly create good. This blessing will be entrusted to manage the worker with a small salary. He, without coping, will ruin the value. The work of many will be wasted. Society will become poor.

There are functions so important that the well-being of all depends on the qualities of the person performing them. People who are able to perform important functions qualitatively, are few. They are the end product of many causes. Congenital talents. Care and parenting. The quality of the education received. Own efforts to improve skills. Demanding to yourself and the highest responsibility, when performing a function.

Important is management work. Managers: enterprises, factories, corporations, states. The work of inventors is important, which find a way to meet needs, hundreds of times cheaper than before. Important is the work of spiritual teachers. High spiritual society accumulates wealth. All become richer, from reduction of losses. The work of those responsible for the lives of many is important: public transport drivers, captains of huge ships, planes, doctors.

In order to lead society to prosperity and wealth, responsible functions should be performed by the best representatives of the people. For their own wealth, society should generously reward people, for the most important, most responsible and most useful work. High pay. Generous pay for useful, highly skilled work - will become the main source of motivation for self-improvement, for the sake of individual wealth, in an honest fair way.

Infinite individual wealth

The producer exploits the buyer, taking twice as much for the benefit as he has spent. But the buyer also exploits the producer, paying for the benefit of thousands (even millions) times less than the benefit. There is a new phenomenon: mutual exploitation of the buyer and the producer. Logical paradox!

This opportunity has appeared on the market of products consumed together: common roads, transport, parks, beaches, communications, media. Such an opportunity appeared on the market of information services: the performance of an artist, a singer, in front of a large group of people; production of books, music, cinema. A very expensive product, created once, can be consumed several times, each time receiving a full satisfaction. Labor efforts to create one good are consumed by a large number of people simultaneously. Or, everyone can consume one, very expensive good, a large number of times.

A product created by everyone becomes available for consumption to everyone.

The product of joint consumption, increases the welfare of each person in an infinite number of times. The phenomenon of the information product makes a person's life more satisfied, pleasant and desirable. Each person becomes infinitely rich.

The wealth that lies in the "chests" pleases the owner only in his thoughts, in reality, there is no use from him. Public and information product makes a person rich in the present. You just need to be able to realize your wealth and learn to enjoy life.

Public wealth

Social wealth is interconnected with the individual.

Sources of public wealth:

- Growth of labor productivity of the whole people.

- Accumulation of benefits consumed jointly.

- Growth of the blessings consumed simultaneously by many.

Conditions for the high wealth of the people

Effective use of labor.

- Work should be high-performance.

- The goods must be made qualitative. You can not marry.

- You can not do anything unnecessary.

Labor saving.

- Systematic costs must be reduced (moving, heating).

- Minimize damage from the elements, accounting for infrastructure planning.

- It's not enough to consume, be thrifty. Goods used for a long time.

Rational use of labor.

"Work should be beneficial for people."

- The import must correspond to the export. Trade balance.

Maximum use of labor.

"Everyone should be able to work." Unemployed should not be.

- Work should be the maximum possible time (~ 2000 hours per year).

Resources to enhance public wealth

- High morality of people. Thrift, economy - reducing the need for goods to the appropriate. Less need for production. Less damage to the environment. Condemnation of luxury - reducing the inexpedient expenditure of resources on luxury.

- High spirituality of people. Reducing damage from sabotage, theft, murder, injury, accidents.

- Increase in the number of workers, an equitable distribution of the burden at all.

- Removal of tax havoc from a worker: motivation for work, wealth.

- Reducing the number of parasites, reducing the burden for workers.

- Removal of tax and corruption strikes from the entrepreneur: motivation of initiative, wealth (profits).

- Motivation for mental work, invention (wealth). Increase in labor productivity: lower costs - more benefits.

- Saving accounts, for stocks - reducing costs for what is not needed.

- Fair distribution of benefits to the whole community. Motivation for work.

Distribution of social wealth

Public wealth is due to the production of goods. In the production of each product involved a large number of workers. Everyone does their part of the common cause. All the workers of the state participate in the production of all the goods of the economy. Public wealth is wealth created by all. Every worker should be able to consume part of the public wealth individually. The public product should be distributed. To create an idea of ​​the distribution, consider an abstract example.

We will distinguish in the social product: "basic" (needed for individual survival) and "joint consumption" (needed for co-survival). Simplify: the basic social product consists of food, clothing and housing.

Suppose, if we divide the entire base social product into all the workers who create it, each will receive 1000 monetary units per month.

Among the able-bodied, it is necessary to single out those who will manage common affairs: the sovereign, ministers, bureaucrats. They should be given the right to use part of the basic social product, to meet individual needs. For this purpose, it is necessary to take some of the money out of the wages of the workers who created the basic social product and pass it to government officials in the form of a salary. Let's take the share of officials ~ 1/1000 of the number of citizens.

Suppose the whole nation is 10,000,000 people. Employable 5`000`000. Create a basic product of half able-bodied. The apparatus of officials is 10,000 people.

Basic product: 2`500`000 people × 1000 d. = 2`500`000`000 CU.

To give the officials a salary of 1000 monetary units, it is necessary to take away from workers: 10,000 times × 1000 d = 10,000,000 cu.

Workers will remain: 2`500`000`000 - 10`000`000 CU. = 2`490`000`000 CU. 2`490`000`000 CU. / 2`500`000 people = CU996 Workers are impoverished by 4 d.u.

Now let's imagine that the work of bureaucrats should be paid ten times higher than that of workers. The salary of officials is not 1000 d., But 10'000 CU.

Workers will remain: 2`500`000`000 - 100`000`000 CU. = 2`400`000`000 CU. 2`400`000`000 CU. / 2`500`000 people = CU960 Workers are impoverished by CU40.

Now let's imagine that the officials have expanded their sphere of control over the state and require more of them. Not 10`000, but 100`000 people.

Workers will remain: 2`500`000`000 - 1000`000`000 CU. = 1`500`000`000 CU. 1`500`000`000 CU. / 2`500`000 people = CU600. Workers are impoverished by CU400.

In addition to the content of officials, the state needs to pay workers who create the benefits of "joint consumption": the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure of the country and cities; construction of military facilities, the manufacture of weapons, work to protect the country from enemies; observance of law and order in the state, judicial protection of interests of citizens; education and health. Each of the workers who create the benefits of joint consumption, you must give food, clothing and housing. Hence, these benefits should be taken from those who created them, an additional tax. All the tax burden necessary for the existence of the state rests with those workers who create the basic social product. The others, consuming part of the base product, tax-deducted, create something valuable for everyone. The welfare of the citizens of the state is determined by the productivity of the society's work in the production of the basic product. Reduces the welfare of everyone who consumes the base product and does not create anything of value, for public wealth. The national product is finite, divided in proportion, therefore, the higher the degree of wealth of some, the greater the poverty of others. The wealth of the few is due to the depletion of many. Economics is not magic. All commodity goods are created by people's labor. If someone consumes without labor, then, consumes someone's account and someone to the detriment.

The source of any wealth

Mother spends effort to give birth and raise her child. Pregnancy. Birth pain. Sleepless nights. Making money is a heavy low-paid job. Self-denial: saving yourself, for the sake of the child; rejection of the carnal pleasures of life. Selfless child protection: sacrifice your health and life. Her efforts are returning, in the form of children's care, in old age. In the form of love of children, grandchildren and gratitude for effort, care, love.

The wealth of bandits is selected by violence, labor efforts by mothers, by raising their children. It is the power of mothers, their efforts to raise children, appropriated by bandits, is the primary source of any wealth, power and power.

The power of an adult son, created by the mother, is spent on creating goods, exploiting labor. This power emanating from mothers is appropriated by the owners of the means of production. It is impossible to exploit the work of someone who does not exist. Kings, take away other people's sons to serve, violence, free (for mother and son). They use the power of the son, created by the mother, to use violence to select the values ​​created by other workers who were raised by other mothers. The son, disfigured by the war, is returned to the aged mother, so she continues to take care of the disabled, free of charge. They relieve themselves of the duty to care for the crippled soldiers, whose hands have gained power and wealth.

The primary source of any wealth is the efforts of mothers to care for their children. Any wealth, individual or social, is based on the exploitation of the labor of women spent on the cultivation of their children.

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