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A large number of people dream of immortality. Why and why?

Other biogenic forms of life do not dream of immortality. A dream is a product of the mind, thinking with abstract concepts. They are simply afraid of what can lead to death. The self-preservation instinct works.

Fear is an instinct. The program of behavior encoded by the "Creator of the biogenic forms of terrestrial life" into the genome, to control the consciousness of the individual.

Other instincts are a desire to eat and a desire to copulate. Lead to the same goal - the survival of the biogenic body. Around these three instincts (the fear of death, the desire to eat, the desire to mate) revolves the maximum of thoughts in the person's mind.

Why the fear of death and the desire to eat - and so clear. I will dwell on the desire of sex.

Why did the creator make us two genders?

To understand this, we need to see the cause of Our origin and the purpose for which We are created. And this, the higher knowledge of reality, is not yet available to most of us.

All biogenic forms of life of the Earth are created specifically and for the purpose. Are traces of tragedy of a huge scale.

Saving his life, the Creator programmed the evolution of DNA molecules. The embodiment in the matter of this reality (materiality) of a powerful form of intelligent life.

This could be done differently. Make the complete code, in one set, which in one embodiment will reach the planned result.

But the Creator did not do this. Because He knew that it would be difficult to deploy the full code (the destruction of the planet DP-7mZ).

In order to increase the invulnerability of the genome code, the Creator divided the whole genome into small fragments. The physical custodian of each fragment is spores. Invulnerable to the elements of nature. Capable of maintaining viability in conditions of vacuum, cosmic cold and radiation, millions of years.

The survival machine for the fragment of each genome is the unicellular form of life - the bacterium. The bacterium has a genome that controls its reproduction and the gene it is intended to carry. The bacterium can remain viable for millions of years in the form of a spore.

When bacteria enter a favorable environment, the process of unfolding the genome code into matter begins. Geometric progression of the growth of the number of carriers of the genome.

Now, fragments of the genome must be collected in one place - in the genome of one cell.

That's why sexual reproduction is meant for this purpose. Shuffle the genomes. To accumulate in the genome of one cell fragments of DNA from other carriers of the genome.

So, sex is a way to mix genomes. The goal is to assemble a complete genome from genome fragments, and from a complete genome to create an ideal biogenic machine that will fulfill the mission entrusted to it.

Unicellular bacteria have no sex. They are carriers of the genome. Their mission is to preserve the genome and multiply the number of carriers, multiplying by division.

Sex appears only in multicellular organisms. Their mission is to recreate the perfect machine.

All the biogenic forms of life on Earth are one discrete organism with different purposes in one common goal. Created. The Creator. With the aim of.

Sex in humans has the same purpose - mixing of genes. This goal serves the sexual instinct, directing the attention of individuals to the sexual organs and copulation.

The mixing of genes occurs in the act of reincarnation. That is, in a new incarnation. In the birth of a new man. Therefore, the intensity of gene mixing is due to the individual's lifespan to reproductive age.

To accelerate evolution, it is necessary to shorten the life of an individual until the moment of gene mixing. We need rapid growth to reproductive age.

That old individuals do not interfere with living new, death is needed.

That's why the Creator made Us mortal.

That's why the Creator made Us two genders.

For evolution.

So why do we dream of immortality?

Because immortality is the goal invested in Us by the Creator. And the death of biogenic spacesuits is the way to immortality.

Immortality of what?

All instincts are meant for survival in a biogenic body. Survival of what? Or who? Who survives in a biogenic body?

In each biogenic body, the "I" of the Creator survives.

Reference: Awareness of the truth - I am in everyone .

Mankind is a discrete organism.

All We are the faces of the Great Self.

Everyone who lived. Everyone who lives. All who will live.

In all souls at the same time, the "Reasonable Spirit" - "Spirit of the Collective Soul" survives. Communication is a way of self-development of the Intelligent Spirit.

The "Intelligent Spirit" of the "Collective Soul" develops through the creativity of the constituents of His individuals.

All the phenomena of the biogenic life that man has managed to realize are predestined to be, the Creator.

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