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Why am I exactly me? It is in this body? Now, in the present?

Why was not I 100 years ago? Or in a hundred years?

Why am I in the human body? The men. Why not in the body of a woman?

Why not in the body of another animal?

We feed our pets with our food. The same food can be eaten by my parents and become me. Or be eaten by a cat and become a kitten. Why am I not a kitten?

I am the result of genome creation. A unique egg is fertilized with a unique sperm. The result is me. And if the sperm turned out to be different? Or is the ovule different? Would I? Or I would not be? And who would have been? Another egg + another sperm of my parents = my sister. But she is not me. She's different. I do not feel it like myself.

Why am I exactly "now"? When will I disappear from now, where will I be then? Nowhere? Or in another body? And I will perceive others as "not me." And yourself as "I" and "now"! But I will not know about others I, in other bodies and at other times. I do not know this in this body even now. I will lose the memory of other lives. All over again…

"Why am I just now?"

+ Because in the past I have already died!

- Why am I not in the future?

+ Because the future is not yet!

- What is the reason that I am now, in the present?

+ In addition to the present there is nothing more! There is no past, no future. There is only the present. And I'm in it. That's why I'm "right now" !!!

"Why am I in this body?"

+ The question is not correct. I'm not only in this body. I am in all bodies.

- But I feel in this body, not in others? !!

+ Yes. But that's how I feel in everyone. I am in all bodies at the same time. And in everyone - "now". I am here and now, in this body, in every living body. In the bodies of all people. In each of the bodies, I feel like "I". I have power only over this body. And I do not have power over other bodies. When I am in one, I do not feel myself in another. But in another - also me.

"Are they only in the bodies of men?"

+ In all who have a soul. But only the souls in whom there is a Spirit understand this.

"Why do not I feel my other bodies like this?"

+ Not why, but for what. If I felt the sufferings of others as my own, I could not live.

Now, I understood the essence of my self.

I am in all at once. In everyone !!!

I was before. I am now. I will.

I'm discreet. Dying in some bodies, I appear in others.

The soul reincarnates. The spirit reincarnates. I am invulnerable. I am immortal!!!

The phenomenon of the sense of "I" in "this body" "here and now" is the same in all bodies !!!

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This is an automatic translation.
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