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Evolution is the re-creation of lost power.

In the distant past, about 35 million years ago, there was a battle. As a result, one form of intelligent life destroyed the other.

The dead form of life, conscious of the inevitability of death, coded the path of reincarnation of the Reasonable Spirit (itself) into a material container. I created a genome, smashed it into invulnerable fragments and placed it in spores, sowing them a huge planet in the solar system, weighing 7 Earth masses.

The lost form of life is our Creator. We are His creation and instrument of reincarnation.

The hostile form of life destroyed Our Creator, and then the planet sown with spores that hold the gene.

The wreckage of the exploded planet was restored to the Ancient Planet. On it there were disputes, with meteorites. Evolution has begun.

The ancient planet was also destroyed. There was Earth - the largest fragment of the Ancient Planet. The earth has inherited forms of biogenic life from the Ancient Planet. The evolution of the genome on Earth led to the appearance of man.

The ultimate goal of human existence is the creation of the perfect container for the life of the "intelligent spirit", through the soul. The receptacle is not biological, free from "chains" of mutual eating. Free from the matter of the Earth, for life in the expanses of the Cosmos.

Predetermination of the evolution of mankind

The creator of cell life has put two ways of evolution into the genome :

- Evolution of mankind "by the Way of Evil". It is based on the instinct of selfishness.

- The evolution of mankind "by the way of good". It is based on the instinct of altruism.

Two ways, being alternative ways of movement of mankind to one purpose, accelerate evolution many times.

"The Way of Evil" is intended for the rapid withdrawal of mankind from the animal kingdom. It is based on the instinct of selfishness and is the initial stage in the evolution of mankind. Ends with the creation of social systems with the maximum number of living people. Its driving force is the desire of selfish individuals to absolute power for themselves. All mankind is used as a means to achieve the individual's goals. The subject, striving for absolute power, acts unconsciously, obeying instinct.

Evolution through the good , is the continuation of the evolutionary process. It begins with the moment when mankind creates a perfect language and a large number of deep abstract concepts of the mind. There is a replacement of the controlling force: the Spirit of individual egoism is replaced by a Reasonable Spirit, formed by all mankind and formulated by the creators.

The spirit of individual egoism, having fulfilled its evolutionary mission, remains. Continues to perform the function, but not for the benefit, but at the expense of the evolution of mankind.

The process of changing the path of evil to the path of good is stretched in time and occurs as a struggle between two powerful spiritual forces. Metaphysically, it is recognized as the struggle of the "Forces of Darkness" and "Forces of Light".

The present time is the epoch of changing the path of evil to the path of good. Combines both ways. One way can be predominant. Which, depends on us. We humans are the cause of our destiny. What kind of spirit we let in our soul, this will be reality. To understand the essence of the ongoing processes, I will describe the path of evil and the path of good.


Striving for power "The Way of Evil". Past.

Striving for power "The Way of Evil". Present.1
Striving for power "The Way of Evil". Present2.

Striving for power "The Way of Evil". Future.1
Striving for power "The Way of Evil". The future.2.

Striving for power "The Way of Evil". SUMMARY.

Striving for power "The Way of Evil". Destruction of the inhabited planet.

This is an automatic translation.
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