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The feature film "Star Wars" contains the script of "World domination through evil". Under the World, in this case, is understood the galactic community.

The essence of the film is expressed in dialogues, hidden by vivid pictures.

Pictures: about love, friendship, super-power, fights, races, dangers, intrigues ...

To understand the script, you need to listen to the dialogues.

Scenario (idea).

Thousands of planets in the galaxy are inhabited. Their inhabitants create a collective body for solving issues of general importance: trade routes, their security, common currency, fair prices ...

Each planet has its representative in the collective organ - the senator. All senators, by voting, choose one of their number (the chancellor) and trust him to exercise collective decision, dispose of the collective budget.

One appears, obsessed with the idea of ​​world domination. Becomes a senator from some planet. Then the intrigues pave the way to the Chancellors. To get special powers, unleashes war. Using powers, increases armament. He places himself under military control. And declares the republic an empire. He motivates his act with the good of all, for the sake of the speediest cessation of the war (which he unleashed).

In the republic, each planet allocated money from its budget for general affairs, voluntarily. Volunteers are not in the empire, so violence is needed to collect money.

For the purpose of violence against the elites of the planets, the emperor creates the "Star of Death." A weapon capable of destroying planets. Taxes, from previously free inhabitants of the planets, are collected by the threat of death (terror - a policy of intimidation). To demonstrate intentions, one inhabited planet is exploding in front of everyone. Massively replicate the spectacle of the destruction of the planet, so that no one has any doubts.

Outside the script (something that is not seen in the movie).

But, in order for terror to work, the inhabitants of the planets must be defenseless before this weapon. Should not be able to create weapons that can destroy the "Star of Death." Should not be able to prevent the aggressor from approaching the planet within a shot distance. That is, they should not have the power to resist.

Hence, the Death Star alone is not enough. It is necessary to impose on each planet its manager. Which will interfere with the mental development and technical progress of the inhabitants. We must carefully monitor all the planets to prevent the growth of alternative forces anywhere. We must monitor all the inhabitants of all the planets, identify talents and neutralize them in a timely manner (lure traitors, kill unruly people). It is necessary to create military bases on each planet in order to suppress the revolt of local elites in the bud with the force of arms, not allowing them to solve problems, which will be difficult to solve.

The empire, created for the sake of collecting tribute, weakens payers of tribute. Absurdity!

The empire is a way of organizing the world community, which carries a stagnant development. In its very paradigm.

Script execution.

The first series of the film was released in 1977. The script began to be performed earlier. In 1945.


The death star is a nuclear weapon.

The inhabited planet is Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

Military bases around the world - "???"

The Empire is "???"

The Emperor - "???"

Elites of the planets - the elite of national states.

In reality, the role of the Emperor is played by the world elite, seeks to subjugate the elites of national states. National elites are stubborn, resist. But without solidarity, the national elites will be subdued, sooner or later.

In our time, the empire is built within the boundaries of one planet. It will not take hundreds of years, as the power of people will allow to expand the boundaries of the habitat to the scale of the solar system. Then the nearest stars with their planets. A weapon capable of destroying planets and stars is theoretically possible. So it will be.

History (cyclic repetition).

They can object to me. "It's one thing to kill the residents of two cities, and it's quite another thing to destroy an entire inhabited planet, with the goal of terror. This will never be ... Because it's nonsense ... It can not be like that and that's it ... "

And maybe it was already?

... We, in the solar system.

The fact of the destruction of the inhabited planet is.

The origin of the Earth is 341. Oort cloud. Spherical distribution of the debris of the exploded planet.

If it already was, "We" risk stepping on the same "rake", after tens of millions of years.

Purpose of the article.

Why did I write this article?

Everyone I talk to, they tell me the same thing. "Nothing depends on us. So is it worth it to waste your time, read, think about it ?! Maybe it's better to raise your children ... and rest, enjoying life, in your free time. To deal with the solution of domestic issues only of personal significance. "

Be engaged.

But one day, a shell will fly into your house and destroy all your "Evroremont". Flies because We left public issues in the care of irresponsible people with a low level of spirituality. Our children will be taken into the army and killed there. And all our work, all the spent efforts, will depreciate in an instant.

In the scale of the planet.

We think that this planet is "Our", because for the entire period of our civilization no one has appeared who claims it. But maybe we are not alone in the cosmos. And "They" will not stand on ceremony with us. Cleanse the planet from Us. And that's all.

Now think about what you are doing all that you are doing. What is the meaning of all your efforts? What is the point of all this, if some obsessive, by his actions, destroys everything that you did. If some obsessed destroy the entire planet, along with all its inhabitants.

Maybe it's worth it, to spend some of your time managing your state ?!

How? This is discussed in Part 3 of the Essay Materiality.

This is an automatic translation.
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