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Do we need a "techno-social organism" ?!

The "techno-social" form of life has advantages over the state form of organization of people - it is more powerful. But it, like all organic forms of life, is not ideal, subject to dangers and risks. Has all the attributes of an organic being. This is the reason for its finiteness.

This kind of life for me is horrible.

Although, it is no less creepy than everything that already exists. After all, in fact, the soul is a single will for the billions of living autonomous cells that make up the human body. In the body, everything is controlled by us. The cells are differentiated according to the functions performed. Everyone is deprived of free will and forced to perform the assigned functions. The organism evolves only as a single whole, all at once. The situation of the human body is similar to that of the "social organism". Evolution goes in the direction of the synthesis of the "Public organism". This is her tendency. Attempts to create a "public organism" are undertaken with a fierce obsession throughout the history of states. Individuals who are known as emperors. All similar attempts, until a certain historical moment, will have a temporary effect. Control over people will become absolute when it is allowed to carry out the technique.

As for my attitude to this form of life. I would not want to live in a society of people organized in such an eerie way. Neither as a subordinate, nor as an elite, nor as a dictator. The role of the subordinate is mechanistic and unconscious. There is no freedom of the will of the soul, which means that the state of spiritual happiness is excluded. There is no personal meaning of life. The role of the elite differs little from the role of workers. The role of the supreme dictator is too vain, tense, responsible. The supreme dictator becomes the same "cog" in the mechanism of the "techno-social organism" as any of his subordinates. You have to be too much shifted in your instincts on the lust of power, to live just for the sake of this emotion. Freedom of the supreme dictator is an illusion.

The illusion of freedom

It does not matter who will rule the people in the future. These people do not exist yet. Now they are not. Whoever they are, it will be people. No matter what. It does not matter what kind of pedigree. It does not matter which race. Most importantly, they will perform the function. Most importantly, they will not belong to themselves. They will not fulfill their will. Because all of us are governed by nature. It is so clever that units are able to realize their slavery. What is hidden behind the word "nature"? A mystery to be solved.

Evolutionary impasse

The blessing for humanity from the world domination of one will is not justified by innumerable victims of coming to power. The psychic of man is not created for the long performance of the function of the emperor. Very quickly flattery and honors distort the personality. The Emperor begins to build a "reinforced concrete cube". Society is degrading from useless work. Deviates from the natural mission, on the path desired by the leader. No one can resist the will of the dictator.

If the state is ruled by a group of oligarchs, society is weakened by immoral ways of exploiting the people, leading to genetic and spiritual degradation.

Evolution of communities through evil leads humanity to a dead end. For survival, it is necessary to find such a way of social arrangement that will provide people with the most favorable conditions for individual development, exclude the possibility of movement on the dead-end road, lead people to fulfill the mission.


Accumulation of knowledge

Existing in cycles, replacing the elite, society accumulates knowledge about nature and man. Part of knowledge is lost, at moments of destruction by the enemy or social upheavals, discarding the evolution of mankind for many hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Mankind has to re-discover for itself long-open truths, losing valuable time of the period of absence of global catastrophes.

And, still, although dangerously slow - humanity is developing. And, perhaps, someday will accumulate a critical mass of knowledge that will revolutionize the person's ideas about himself, his place and role in the evolutionary processes of the universe. A new culture will cause a qualitatively different level of self-awareness and spirituality.

World Trends

There are world tendencies of the struggle for power. Mobilize technology for victory. Draw in the arms industry all scientific achievements that can give power. The method of social organization and social production is being improved. In this way, nature accelerates evolution.

The impact of the number of people on evolution

- Joint living, communication. Speech. Abstract concepts. Culture.

- Excessive intensity of reproduction, crowding, crowdedness, poverty.

- Search for unoccupied land. Exploring the planet. Map.

- World tours. Scurvy. Vitamins.

- Rapid transfer of viral diseases. Epidemics. Graft.

- Lack of food. Selection of plants. Highly productive varieties.

- Selection of animals. Highly productive breeds.

- Search for new methods of agriculture. Weapons. Mechanization.

- Soil depletion. Fertilizers.

- Lack of flax, cotton, wool, silk. Synthetic fiber.

"Salvation from hunger." Strategic food stocks.

- Strategic seed stocks. Seed fund of plants.

- The possibility of saving the flora from a natural catastrophe.

- Search for new methods of production. Conveyor. Mass production.

- Increased density of accommodation. Lifts. Multi-story houses.

- Cities with a million population. Water pipes. Sewerage. Supply.

- Increase in the amount of waste. Search for non-waste technologies. Saving.

- Search for new materials, new methods of construction. Durability.

- Search for new sources of energy.

- Search for effective methods of economic management.

- Search for effective methods of organizing people in the community.

- The search for a new ideology.

- Seeking a new faith.

- Search for new knowledge, ideas.

- Synthesis of the perfect Spirit.

- Achieving omnipotence.

The impact of war on evolution

- Hunting. Looting. The weapon. Metallurgy.

- Gunpowder. Gun. A gun. Prepared cartridge: bullet, sleeve, charge, capsule.

- Structural. Replaceable nodes. A single standard of measurement.

- Military supply. Mass production of the same type of products.

- The cartridge. Multiple-shot weapons. Self-loading quick-firing weapons.

- Trench. Chemical weapon. Barbed wire. Tank.

- The projectile. A gun. Self-propelled gun. Massed artillery shelling.

- Rescue from bombs. Bins of increased strength. The Metropolitan.

- Bunkers. The chance of saving humanity from a natural catastrophe.

- Dynamite. Bomb. Bombing. The plane of great load-carrying capacity.

- Fighter bombers. Jet engine.

- Supersonic speed of airplanes. Rocket.

- Anti-aircraft installation. High-altitude aircraft. Low accuracy of bombing.

- The need for accurate bombing. Inertial and satellite navigation.

- International wars. The transfer of troops. Passenger airplane.

- Intercontinental wars. The rocket.

- Entering the Earth's orbit. Flight to other planets. The study of the cosmos.

- Doing war. Control. Communication. Radio. Transfer of orders. Encryption.

- Decoder: mechanical, tube, semiconductor. A computer.

- Unmanned operation of the projectile. Artificial Intelligence.

- Navigation for the soldier. Interactive virtual reality.

- Methods of submission. Ideology. Mass media.

- Uniform rules of conduct. Subordination. Subordination.

- The need to distinguish between their own and their enemies. A uniform form of clothing.

- Clothes for soldiers. High availability. Low cost. Standard. The size.

"Food for the soldiers." Instant coffee. Pre-prepared food.

- Shells for the projectile. Canned food. Strategic food stocks.

- New metals and alloys.

- New methods of metal processing.

- New organic materials.

- Chemicals with the desired properties.

- Help the wounded. Amputation. Anesthesia. Prosthetics. Surgery.

- Treatment. Medicines. The study of the human body. Medicine.

- Restoration of mental health. Psychology.

- The need. Fortitude of the spirit. Suffering. Mercy.

- Nuclear bomb. Awareness of the threat of self-destruction.

"Mass death." Insight. Humanity. Ideology of peace.

- Prohibition of weapons, painfully killing the receptacle of the soul.

- The desire for peace throughout the world, co-creation, unity.

The absence of wars

- There's plenty. Comfort. Satisfaction. Effeminacy. Weak spirit.

"Betrayal." Evil for others for the sake of good for themselves.

- Spiritual degeneration. Physical degeneration.

- Destruction of mankind by the elements of nature.

- Disappearance from the face of the Earth.

Method of replacing wars

- Memory of the difficulties of our predecessors. Cinema. Books. Monuments.

- Training the spirit of difficulties. Tourist hikes. Asceticism.

- Education. Understanding the truth. High spirituality.

- Conscious control over the desires of the soul.


The whole history of states is bandit forms of power. Banditry is the result of human behavior, driven by the instinct of selfishness. Behavior that has an evolutionary purpose.

Banditry fulfilled its mission:

- "Generated public organizations with enormous power in the" hands "of one person.

- Stimulated technological progress to such successes that seem magic. "

Banditry is one of the necessary steps in the way of accomplishing the mission of mankind. Banditry fulfilled its mission through innumerable human casualties. The victims, the vast majority of which were in vain. Victims of banditry - the payment for the evolution of mankind, the result of the imperfect mind of man, the result of an imperfect Spirit, the result of the blindness of nature.

So, banditry fulfilled its mission. It was time to move towards the goal, guided by reason, not instincts. Man enough for this wiser. A person can continue to move towards a goal in a peaceful and ethical way.


The "World Flood," by which God purged the earth from sin, did not help. The reasons remained the same and led to the same consequences. No matter how much humanity is destroyed, it is doomed to re-evolution "through evil." The way of evil ends - self-destruction.

For the highest power of man to benefit intelligent life, it is necessary to formulate the "Principles of Evolutionary Morality". Make these principles the property of all.

The world will pass to the stage of "Evolution through the good", if people will be guided in actions by spirituality. If people create a reliable mechanism for protecting society, from falling into the hands of a possessed madman.

All you need to do is:

- Recognize yourself and your mission as your goal.

- To comprehend the experience accumulated by human civilization.

- Put before s

- Find peaceful ways to achieve the goal.

- Take a collective decision.

- To execute the decision.

- Live, fulfilling an individual mission.

- To live fulfilling the mission of mankind.

- To receive satisfaction from life, proceeding in accordance with each individual mission.

This is an automatic translation.
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