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Striving for world domination

At some point of cultural development, a person realized the idea of ​​"the world domination of one will over all the peoples of the earth." The most ambitious gang leaders or their descendants, governed by the idea of ​​world domination, are trying to create a world empire. To become famous for centuries. To parasitize.

The army created by the conquest of "its" people is used to conquer other nations. The army is growing at the expense of the resources of the conquered peoples. Drawing in their ranks superfluous people. Giving them a piece of loot.

The mechanism of conquering peoples is very gluttonous. Eats human lives. Forced to work the conquered peoples at the limit of physical and mental strength. Ruthlessly devoured valuable natural resources. Unceremoniously pollutes the human habitat. Destroys the achievements of people's culture. It erases the memory of peoples.

When the stock of the might of the conquered peoples is exhausted, the empire ceases to grow. The period of parasitism begins on the labor of the conquered peoples. Wastely consumed wealth, accumulated for centuries. Then, inevitably, the degradation of the conquered peoples and elites follows. The power of imperial power is diminishing. The heirs of the imperial power divide the inheritance. The empire destroys itself. Power is weakened so much that the world empire is divided into many independent states. The process of enlargement is repeated.

There were no eternal empires of the world. And, most likely, will not. One of the reasons for this is a selfish individual, lusting for himself.

Totalitarian World Power

Causes. Philosophers and sages, during the existence of civilization, did not create a spirit of morality, which, by controlling individuals, can lead to peaceful existence and development, of all mankind. Obsessed with the spirit of world domination, monarchs and oligarchs of empires, increase the power. They are afraid of the growth of each other's power. The peaceful redistribution of "no-man's" small states is over. The struggle for world domination begins.

Preparatory stage. Consistent, methodical re-subordination of small states under their control. Weakening the enemy: small wars; political, economic and technological blockade. Ideological activities that undermine the power of the enemy. Disarmament of the enemy. Development, production, storage of new types of weapons. The principle of control over a new weapon: create - millions, use - units.

World War. A clear struggle for power can be realized through a bloody world war. Payback is the death of hundreds of millions of people. Destruction of cities and transport infrastructure. Radiation contamination. The suffering of billions of souls, crippled and survivors. The result - the concentration of power over all the peoples of the Earth, the elite of the victorious empire.

Usurpation of power. To restore order after the war, the most capable representative of the elite, having "temporarily" unlimited powers from his colleagues, usurps power, will become an emperor. It takes advantage of the hatred of the peoples for the elites who unleashed war. Replace, the victorious in the war elite to a new, submissive to their will and not pretending to imperial power.

Concentration of power. The opportunity to realize one's own will, without reckoning with anyone, will allow us to direct the power of all the subordinate people to the solution of the most important tasks. The highest degree of concentration of power, to solve the task, will find a solution and implement it in a short time. Consistently, solve many important evolutionary problems. Such tasks, which can not be solved by any small state or their union.

The regime of totalitarian world power

Law. The emperor is the only source of law. He formulates rules to which everyone must obey. He warns about the punishments to which he will infringe lawbreakers. Violators punish.

Interest of the emperor (evolutionary mission). Use all labor that exceeds the goal of survival (drawing), for the purposes of development and the accelerated evolution of the means of "created power".

Prohibition of parasitic activity. Any human activity that takes away from the emperor "hood" will be severely suppressed. There will not be a single type of parasitic activity of citizens.

Prohibition of crime. Crime is an attempt by some individuals of the community to live at the expense of the power of other people in the community, taking away the benefits they have produced. The offender is a competitor for the emperor in exploiting the labor of citizens. The emperor will destroy the competition, in the most cruel manner.

Effective methods of struggle, with criminal activity of people and maintenance of legality, will lead to significant growth of the emperor's power.

Severe punishment. Criminals who take away the goods from people and kill people while doing this cause the Emperor double damage. Therefore, they commit death. It is useless to spend money on correcting murderers or keeping them in isolation. The rest of the criminals are given a chance to correct. After a brief isolation, accompanied by a moral correction of the mentality of the offender, he is released. For a repeated offense, the individual is put to death.

Total surveillance. To reduce the costs of searching criminals, an electronic surveillance system can be introduced. Everyone has a beacon. The satellite system tracks the trajectory of each person's movement across the entire Earth's surface. The trajectory of moving people is stored in the personal database of each individual. When investigating a crime it is easy to find a criminal on the trajectory of his displacement.

Control over subjects. Each person of the world can live, work to move, only if the emperor gave him an electronic purse, for the performance of exchange transactions. Without an electronic wallet, a person is nobody. Through the control of the electronic purse, the emperor retains control over each of his subjects.

Control over the elite. To preserve the imperial power, there is a need for a control body, for the activity of officials at the highest level of government - the "secret police". It is necessary to limit the power of officials so that they do not pretend to imperial power. An effective service of personal protection of the emperor is necessary. Strong punishment for corruption is necessary.

The telepathic interface. The connection device of the human soul with the computer will become a way to influence the elite, to control the souls of the main assistants.

Control over the enemies. The absence of powerful enemies will make the army unnecessary. Remain small military formations with conventional small arms to maintain the rule of law. Expenditure on arms and the army will be greatly reduced - the power of the emperor will increase.

Control over peoples. To control peoples, the emperor will divide the whole Earth into politically independent territorial states of small and equal sizes. Assign in each ruler, subject to his will. He will give him power over the people of a territorial state, limited by law.

Single currency. A single currency is introduced for all the peoples of the Earth. Removes obstacles for the international exchange of labor products. Reduces the costs of goods exchange. Trade turnover is considerably growing. Significantly increase the volume of world production.

Strengthening of power

Electronic money. Introduce non-inflationary electronic money and electronic wallets. The new financial system will eliminate all the shortcomings of paper credit money. Optimum use of the entire labor resource of the world.

A source of information on economic processes in the world and regions will appear.

The emperor finds a monetary instrument of managing the world economy.

The emperor finds a way to collect the hood from the labor activity of all the world's workers, in an efficient, non-costly way - the percentage of money that melt in the account. There is no possibility for corruption in the collection of taxes.

Information goods. By means of electronic money, it will be possible to pay for the information product through the information network. This opportunity will serve as a powerful lever in the development of information products. Accelerated development of means of expression of ideas, methods of art. Invention is required. The era of the scientific and technological revolution will be prepared.

The scientific and technological revolution. For people created the highest monetary motivation, engage in mental work - wealth, legally. Openness of information for all. High concentration of intellectual efforts of the best minds of mankind over the solution of tasks. In a short time, a scientific revolution will be made. The discovery of new ideas, their accessibility to any creative mind in real time, will lead to an avalanche of discoveries. The technical and technological revolution, generated by the scientific, will increase labor productivity thousands of times. Even more superfluous people will find application in the field of cognition of the world.

Infrastructure. New technologies and materials will create a global infrastructure for transport, roads, and production. World integration of productions into a single economy. Reduced transport costs: material and temporary.

The lack of independence of the subjects of the economy is a way of controlling everyone.

Conditions for personal development

Restoration of numbers. At the end of the war, homosexuality will be banned to restore the population of the planet. Once the calculated number is reached, homosexuality will again make "the norm".

One country. All barriers have been removed. As for economic relations, and for personal life. There are no borders, no customs. Everyone is free to choose the place of residence and the object of work. A person can change his place of residence many times a year. The whole world will become a home for everyone. People are equal in rights.

Communication. A common language for all peoples is accepted. A language created artificially for the purposes of world communication. His knowledge of each person will remove the barrier in communication. Everyone understands everyone. Every person feels at home, in any part of the world. The language is simple, clear in pronunciation and logic, suitable for rapid assimilation. The same simple and versatile writing.

Two world languages. One language is for communication purposes (simple). The second language for the purposes of thinking (complex scientific terms, abstract concepts of the mind).

Culture. National cultures are preserved by people, transmitted to descendants. Along with national cultures, a single culture of the world community is developing. A single morality. Single morality. A single ethic.

Motivation for work. Thanks to electronic money, people get a natural motivation for work, based on the instinct of accumulation. People get social security in the form of cost-saving savings.

Prosperity. Excess supply of goods - the needs of each are satisfied in the highest degree qualitatively. The needs of existence are realized by the minimum efforts of the working person. Motivation for work is to meet the needs of the psyche (comfort, coziness, pleasure) and reason (curiosity, self-realization, prestige, honors).

Training. Use of electronic media. Creation of logically completed blocks of information. Accessibility of information for each person. Cheapness. Achievements depend only on the personal efforts of each.

Social care. A worker is a source of talent. The minimum standard of living is guaranteed by the emperor to everyone: food, clothing, housing.

A virtual reality. The scientific and technological revolution will make it possible to create a virtual reality, by means of computing devices, and access to the virtual reality of the human soul, through the telepathic interface. Communication of people through virtual reality. The barriers for the development of the Collective Intelligent Spirit living in the souls of people will disappear.

The collapse of the world empire

The collapse of the empire. To manage a huge empire people are needed, endowed with power. The emperor limits the desire of officials to luxury, bans. Envy of the emperor, enjoyment of power and the desire for luxury, will lead to the emergence of a large number of officials of the highest level of government (the rulers of territorial states) who want the collapse of unified government and the separation of "their" state for autocratic rule. The desire to consume all collected taxes himself, nothing to pay the emperor. The emperor will be killed (or die a natural death). The empire will fall apart.

Degradation. The single currency will be canceled immediately. The state borders are closed. Trade routes are destroyed. A colossal decline in world production. Superfluous people. Unemployment. Poverty. Hunger. Expenses for the production of weapons. Civil wars. The inability to survive independently because of the small size of territorial states.

A new redivision of the world. Emerged on the remains of the empire, numerous totalitarian states will begin a new redistribution of the world, to gain one power to themselves alone. Their power and armament are commensurable. The next world war for the construction of viable empires, for one-man totalitarian power, will bring untold sacrifices and suffering to the people of earthly humanity.

A new cycle. The same processes in the life of communities will be repeated with a new level of technology, knowledge, scientific achievements. Wars for power will be waged by new, types of weapons carrying more and more mass death. Striving for strict control over people will lead to the use of electronic computer technology, leading to the zombie of the human soul.

Absolute control

The optimal functioning of human society depends on the optimality of management. And management depends on the quality of the control program and control over people. Control over people can be based on different principles.

The first - the interest of a person to obey another, on the basis of personal benefit. The more benefits from subordination, the more willing a person obeys. This method is humane and moral. The stronger the effect, the heavier the conditions of life. But it gives a weak degree of control, weak controllability, because each time a person decides for himself the task: "profitable - unprofitable", is prone to mistakes in the decision and can not, sometimes, predict his benefits in the distant future. It's bad for management.

The second is need . He is forced to obey someone else's will, who is helpless.

The third is violence . A person submits to another's will, when insubordination leads to unrecoverable losses, suffering and deterioration of life. This method is not humane, immoral. But it takes place, because it is vitally important. Helps mobilize and concentrate efforts when needed. Disadvantage: causes resistance of individuals, reducing controllability. Reality combines all three ways. People are subject to need, violence, but they have a benefit for themselves. In all cases, the will of the individual, though violated, but remains.

The fourth is absolute control. Man loses his will. His body becomes the conductor of another's will. This option will be possible when the connection of consciousness with the computer and the feedback of the computer with consciousness will be created. Then one consciousness, with the help of technology, will be able to realize its will through millions of human bodies. It can use the resource of the body, satisfying only one need - existence, as the others disappear, as their will disappears. Such a society will become a super-organism, with a unified management system and complete submission to all one will, a single consciousness that will infinitely increase the power of a single will in the realization of plans.

As the people managing all the inhabitants of the country, will be the most obsessed of the emperor's officials who will manage the territorial states at the time of the invention of the telepathic interface. They will destroy the empire, for their own sake. Become the driving force, because of which the telepathic interface, from the means of communication, will become an instrument of violence. Create an artificial container for your soul, avatar, with the goal of invulnerability of the body. They will spend the entire extract from the power of the subordinate peoples on scientific research and experiments on the creation of artificial means of control by the will of man.

First, they will create a miniature computer implanted in the human brain. Without it, a person will not be able to use electronic money. So, he can not be a member of society. Violence management will be implemented. Then, the computer will be taught to instill in the person, the will of the host, perceived by the individual as his own free will, his own will. The person will fulfill the will of the head of the country, not knowing about it. Over time, a person completely lose his will. His soul will be the executor of the master's will.

Individual free will of man is the only obstacle for the appearance of a "techno-organism". When a method of absolute control over the soul of man appears, a new form of life will appear-a "techno-social organism."

This is an automatic translation.
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