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Two forces of antagonists

1. Seeking to enslave a person. Egoism of the elite.

2. Striving to be free from slavery. Workers.

These two forces, laid down by the Creator of Cellular Life in our genome, determine the whole course of the evolution of mankind.

Caste community

Instincts form a stable and powerful caste community, based on three functional groups: the Elite, the Services, the Slaves. This structure will remain both on a national scale and on a global scale.

Elite. It is small. Owners of resources and rights. People are soulless and spiritless. Go to their goal, regardless of the moral values ​​of human culture. The goal is to increase power and power. Temporary unions. Betrayal. Perfidy. Related marriages to preserve wealth in the family. Taking away another's business. Stinginess and greed. In a wild world, the elite obeys the "laws of business", can not manifest spirituality, otherwise - the threat of ruin and loss of power from powerful competitors. The activity on weakening of competitors both inside the state and at the world level continues. The constant seizure of power, boundless and never-ending.

The room service. It is numerous. Performs functions on state management. Occupies power posts. The wages are high. He is subordinated to the elite for his own well-being. Acts at the expense of the workers. Self-deception, to justify unethical actions. Conscience is sold. At moments of coups d'etat, "their" people betray for their own good. They serve the interventionists as new masters. Privileged workers are servants of the masters.

Not privileged workers. A large group. Perform labor functions to create benefits. Remuneration of labor is low. Graduation in pay, from the functions performed, is small. For the workers there is the concept of "Motherland", "Fatherland", "Patriotism". It is they who sacrifice their lives to protect their country from interventionists and robbers.

Expansion of power beyond the state

The process of enlargement of states in the empire is analogous to the process of growth of oligarchs within the borders of one state. The essence and driving forces of the two phenomena are the same. Different scale only.

Reliably capturing power in one state, the hungry elite of a superpower looks at neighboring states. Having perfectly mastered the method of violence against the internal elite, the methods of economic and administrative control over the population of the state, one can do the same with the peoples of other states, increasing their power, and therefore also power:

- The seizure of lands where aborigines live without a state organization.

- Destruction of recalcitrant natives, genocide.

- Resettlement of hardworking obedient peoples to the captured area.

- Creation of a colonial state with a controlled government.

- Receiving tribute from the colonies.

- Capture of power in small sovereign states.

The process of seizing neighboring states and increasing the power of the elite of aggressor states occurs simultaneously in different parts of the globe. There are world empires. There comes a moment in world history, when empires end the "peaceful" redistribution of weak states and "no man's land." The world is divided. No people and lands no longer exist.

Secret management of the world elite

Union of Elites of Empires. The most powerful representatives of the elites of empires are alliances. On the basis of kinship and the general interest of preserving power. They recognize the rights of each other and defend their dominant position from the claims of other elites. Now, for leadership in the enslavement of the world, elite alliances compete, relying on common resources.

Plan for the conquest of the world. Spreading power over a multitude of states, the alliance of elites sets itself an ambitious plan: "World domination." The world is great and diverse. Successful tricks do not work everywhere. Each country has its own way of control. The process of conquering the world takes place in real time, using the "trial and error" method.

Control over the purity of the world's elite. Oligarchs, not included in the world elite club, point to a subordinate place. Claimants to the place of the elite are subject to periodic destruction or weakening. They take away "earned" wealth or a business created.

Without the protection of a powerful and independent sovereign, the world elite is helpless against any oligarch, any state in the world.

Secret organization. The world elite creates a secret organization, with the goal of recruiting personnel for higher state posts in the colonies. Only one of the elite of states who has sworn in obedience and trust is receiving supreme power.

Loss of control over the elites. After a decade, the elite, placed on power in the colony state, forgets about the benefactor, ceases to obey and pay tribute. It is necessary to overthrow the unruly to bring the submissive again to power. The reason for the constant global instability.

The struggle of world elite associations for world domination

Execution of the capture plan.

A world currency is being created as an instrument of financial control over the elites of all countries of the world. As a way to finance all aspects of military conflicts. As a way to collect tribute.

There is a continuous chain of bloody wars throughout the three centuries. Repartition of power and property. State coups and contract killings of rulers. Interstate wars, organized to weaken states, with the local elite out of control. The weakening of the wars of economies of states claiming the role of a metropolis.

Production of weapons. A powerful ocean fleet, to control the trade routes. Military bases around the planet, to control local elites.

Control over the elites of states that own the world's energy resources. Management of the world price of energy resources, as a lever of influence on the economies of states.

Weakening economies of the colonies by small wars. Destruction of large states, which can interfere with the plan of world domination. The dismemberment of them into many small states-colonies, with a submissive elite in power.

Conquest of powerful states.

The people create a tradition of preserving "purity". Boys and girls guard virginity for family ties, designed to give birth to healthy offspring. The interventionists artificially weaken the family - the base of a strong state. Destroy traditions, preaching irresponsible sexual freedom. Sense of shame virginal youth. Feeling of "inferiority", induce to lasciviousness. The result is difficult to create a strong family. Because of venereal diseases, it is difficult to give birth to healthy children. It is impossible to grow strong offspring, able to defend their freedom from attacking the aggressor. In order to reduce the multiplicity of the people, one-sex sexual intercourse is approved. For the phenomenon to be massive, morality is destroyed, propaganda of homosexual relations is carried out. Famous people are encouraged to assert publicly about their pathology as a norm, not ashamed.

To weaken strong powers, they are pitted against each other. They bring enmity to the relations of people of multinational states. Provoke religious conflicts. They contribute to the division of states into small states on the grounds of nationality, language, faith. They bring conflict into one faith, breaking up into hostile confessions. Through art they disseminate ideas: hostile relations between people, disrespect for each other, selfish needs. Citizens absorb evil ideas into the subconscious. The life of people becomes joyless. Hostility toward each other weakens the power of the community.

The ruling elite "helps" each of the "warring" states. Develops its economy by military orders. It exhausts the economies of the belligerents. Inspires revolutionary ideas, tired of war and slave labor, the people. Having achieved mutual weakening, conquers both states. The robber.

Plan to maintain control over the world.

Upon the completion of the seizure of the world, it is necessary to retain power. A plan for retaining power is being formed:

A metropolitan state is singled out, for the location of control centers and a safe place for the life of the world elite. There are enterprises of high-technology production and production of weapons.

The metropolis is surrounded by a buffer of many small controlled states. In these states are enterprises and workers serving the interests of the metropolis. They serve as an obstacle for the penetration into the metropolis of crime of poor workers from the colony states.

The rest of the world consists of colonies. In them, the level of consumption of goods is extremely low, all the exhaustion from the labor of workers is to satisfy the needs of the luxury of the world elite and its servants. All the environmentally dirty raw materials industries are located in the colonies. No one defends the health of the workers. Legal chaos, crime, short life expectancy, lack of full-fledged education. Mass culture, for the formation of primitive spirituality - insurance against insurrection.

That's the plan! But, in such conditions, workers will not want to live. Mass suicides and an unwillingness to give birth to children will lead to the degradation of the empire. People will try to reproduce artificially, on the conveyor, as a commodity, this also does not help.

Bringing to submission the state of colonies

- A bribe to the current ruler.

- Threats to a recalcitrant incumbent. Threat to his family.

- Explosions in public places - pressure on society.

- Ordered murder of the ruler.

- The coup. Financing of the "opposition".

- Kindling of civil war.

- Extortion of recalcitrant states in war.

- Military invasion.

- Nuclear blitzkrieg.

Collecting tribute from the colonies

- Monetary payments on interest, for granted credit.

- Purchase of a state loan from a metropolitan state.

- Granting of the rights to extraction of minerals, representatives of the world elite. Purchase of resources of the colonies at low prices.

- Free participation in military campaigns against recalcitrant colonies. People. Technology. Provision of territory.

- Replenishment of the intellectual resource of the metropolis, talents from the colonies.

External administration of the colony

- System of "democratic" elections of the head of state from the given candidates.

- Circumcision of the power of the head of state by the method of separation of power into three branches: legislative, executive, judicial.

- Interception of power by the method of staging to important posts of submissive people. "Supplement" for obedience and loyalty to power officials elected and appointed to the post officially.

- Destruction of alternative institutions of self-government of the people at the state level. Destruction of leaders from the people.

- Decrease in political activity of the inhabitants of the colony. The introduction of an artificial mentality aimed at "consumption and pleasure" (luxury, tourism ...), "self-knowledge and self-development" in a false direction. Stimulation of drug addiction. Decreased level of education.

This is an automatic translation.
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