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There is a fundamental difference between the matter of which the planets of the solar system are composed and the matter from which the earthly life made up by genes consists.

Matter itself is a mystery. But about him not in this article.

In this article we are talking about another mystery - biogenic life.

Biogenic life on Earth exists through a "survival machine" - cells. All terrestrial forms of biogenic life are cellular. Outside the cell life does not exist. A cell is a factory through which life exists and reproduces itself.

The complexity of this factory is so high that a person has not yet understood the mechanism of its work to the extent to recreate a living specimen from atoms and molecules. Even to make an exact copy of already existing cells is not capable.

People who call unicellular organisms "primitive" or "simple" do not even suspect the extent of their ignorance.

The model of processes occurring in the cell.

Video. 2006-Inner Life of the Cell Inner Life Of A Cell (8:18)

The cells are so small that the greatest scientists took them for bubbles filled with liquid, looking at the first microscopes. And only modern powerful microscopes made it possible to discern in the cells a complex structure and coordinated processes.

Inside the microscopic cell, there is a synthesis of the necessary substances from molecules, instruments of molecular dimensions, according to a program stored in molecules in the form of codes !!!

The functioning of the cell is organized flawlessly. Under normal conditions, there are no failures or breakdowns !!!

Video. 2011-A miracle in the cage. (40:49)

The complexity of biogenic structures is so great that it shakes the human mind and makes us admire the mastery of the Creator. For anyone who drew attention to the cellular forms of life created by genomes, the conclusion is obvious: "The genetic forms of life that live on the Earth are the Creator".

All genetic forms of life were created. Consciously, meaningfully, purposefully. Reasonable, thinking creature. His knowledge is not living matter - comprehensive. Knowing the properties of matter, "He" took them into account in their constructions. He took into account the peculiarities of the chemical composition, possible in the future, of the planets of the solar system, to make the forms of biogenic life acceptable for these conditions.

The life of biogenic cellular structures is predetermined by the Creator. The program for the development of forms, phenotypes and expanded phenotypes is encoded into the genome.

Evolution is the process of unfolding into the matter of the program laid down by the Creator in the genome.

"Unfolding": from the code, in the form of molecules, into molecules of matter.

The construction of molecules of non-living matter, molecules of living matter (plants) from molecules, and of them the construction of complex engineering devices (animals), which in turn are intended to create even more complex devices, the latter of which are the goal of all creations.

What for?

Why is everything so complicated?

If the Creator's power was so great to create a biogenic life, then he could create the goal of all creatures-not the organic form of the carrier for the soul and the rational spirit, He could directly, without a biogenic life.

Why create an intermediate link - a biogenic life ?? Is this the term paper on modeling? Enjoying your power? A game?

After all, the biogenic life, the animal form, is subject to the sufferings of the soul. One has to be a "soulless" being to create this hellish form of life.

The mind of the Creator is seen in his creation. He is much more powerful than what one of His engineering constructions possesses - man. And this mind is perfect. In all his works a purposeful thought is visible. Everything is for something. I do not dare to suspect in the Creator of a madman or lack of spirituality. And if He did, then there were good reasons for that.

Why did the Creator create a biogenic life, the ultimate goal of which is to create from the inorganic matter the perfect container for the soul and intelligent spirit?

The creator did not need a biogenic form of life as such. It was a project to save lives. Necessary measure. Did something compel the Creator to save his life?

In the solar system, there are traces of two planetary catastrophes.

The first catastrophe is the destruction of the planet, seven times the mass of the Earth, an explosion of great strength, from within. Its large fragments, with a total mass of 2.1 Earth masses, have their own particular history and are localized as planets of the "terrestrial group".

Its small debris, with a mass of 5 Earth masses, is localized as an Oort cloud, and is located at a distance of one light year from the Sun.

These debris are stones. My common sense (experience) and logic suggest that stones occur only from stones. From the gas, the stones do not condense. If a stone is broken, then its parts again in one stone do not stick together in any way. Therefore, the version of the origin of stones in the solar system is the explosion of something large and stone. And the explosion of the planet with solid subsoil, the observed strength, has no natural causes. There remains a version of the explosion with an artificial cause - that is, a purposeful explosion, a reasonable form of life, through weapons.

The second catastrophe has astronomical reasons. The planet, twice the size of the Earth, was destroyed by the strong gravitational field of the gas giant (Jupiter). On that planet there was a biogenic life and the largest trace on Earth is a sedimentary cover of biogenic origin - limestone.

The origin of the Earth is 128. White cliffs of Dover on the coast of the English Channel. Limestone.

It is difficult to convey the whole path, what the thought has done, having come to the result. Therefore, only the result will be transmitted.

Our Creator is a representative of a highly developed and powerful form of life existing through the matter of the Cosmos. If He is, then there are others.

"He" is all matter that is subject to a single will. "Not him" is that which obeys other governing centers.

You can imagine what He was. Perhaps it was a discrete organism, consisting of many identical subjects. And these subjects performed different functions in accordance with some kind of control program. After all, We are created in the image and likeness of Him. In us, what He once was was realized.

"He" and "He is not", that is another form of a powerful intelligent life form from matter, something is not shared. There was a struggle between them, which threatened to destroy our Creator with inevitability. Our Creator knew this and understood perfectly. But his power was not enough to avoid physical destruction and death. Death - as the destruction of that high degree of organization of matter, which He attained.

The creator resorted to the last possibility. He found a planet with conditions suitable for genetic forms of life (7 Earth masses) in the solar system (we) and transferred a huge mass of matter to the state of spores that store the code of the genome. He encoded into the genome evolution - the re-creation of the former power (Myself).

The whole genome, necessary for evolution, was divided into fragments. The carriers of each of the fragments are physically different spores. This was necessary to improve the invulnerability of all code. Fragments multiply their number by dividing single-celled organisms, which are their carriers and custodians. Fragments are collected in one genome, through viruses and sex-stirring gene. When all the fragments are gathered in one genome, an ideal machine will be created by them (the genome), which will fulfill the mission entrusted to it - the reincarnation of the Creator (man is the ideal machine).

The enemy destroyed the Creator. Then he destroyed the planet, which was sown with spores that hold the gene. Perhaps the Enemy was satisfied with the result and just flew home. Or maybe before the destruction of the planet, he threw a genome with a malicious program into the genome of the Creator and then blew it up.

Destruction of the planet (16 sec)

As a result, 5/7 of the exploded planet is now in the form of stone debris.

The origin of the Earth is 341. Oort cloud. Spherical distribution of the debris of the exploded planet.

Large fragments were captured by Jupiter and there, in its orbit, formed a planet with a mass of 2.1 Earth masses. When the conditions became suitable for genetic life forms, the controversy with the exploded planet, which had been floating in space for millions of years, fell into the ocean and the evolutionary process began - the genome code was turned into a powerful cellular form of life.

The second catastrophe resulted in the mechanical destruction of the Ancient Planet in the orbit of Jupiter, as a result of which the Earth appeared.

The origin of the Earth, in pictures (345 photos).

Evolution on Earth turned out to be faster and more successful than on the Ancient Planet.

As a result, We have appeared.

Our mission is to create the perfect receptacle for the soul and reasonable spirit, which will be free from biological food chains, free from the "chains" that keep life on Earth, for life in the expanses of the Cosmos.

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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