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An unforgettable sight to people will be presented by the constellation Orion, from which meteorites "sprinkle".

Beautiful meteor shower

The Moscow Planetarium reported one of the most spectacular phenomena - the meteorite stream of the Orionids in the constellation of Orion. Russians will be able to observe it from midnight on Friday (October 20) until the morning of October 21. True, enjoy a bright spectacle will be possible only in clear weather. This cosmic phenomenon is associated with Halley's comet (IP / Halley). Last time it flew by the Earth in 1986, but the fragments that break away from it, twice a year, reach the earth's atmosphere, forming meteorite streams. Moreover, it happens twice a year: in the autumn - it's the Orionids, and in the spring - the May Aquarids. - Particles of the meteoric swarm of Orionids cut into the earth's atmosphere at a speed of about 66 km / sec. Therefore, the meteors themselves are fast enough and often leave traces. Usually they are white, but sometimes red, blue-green, yellow and orange meteors with brightness of about +2.5 m of stellar magnitude come across them, - reported on the Planetarium website. People from all corners of Russia will be able to watch the flow: from the Central and North-Western districts to Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. Approximately at the same time, only two years ago, Russia experienced the stellar rain of the Orinoid. planetarium1

This is an automatic translation.
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