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Today on RBC came the news with the headline "Medvedev has announced an analogue of Skolkovo in St. Petersburg for 41 billion rubles.


Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev decided to spend 41 billion rubles (our, taxpayers, money) on the construction of another dubious analogue of the American silicone valley. Is it really not clear that, firstly, most of the allocated budget funds will be plundered by officials who near to this project, and secondly, it is impossible to create a Russian silicone valley by administrative methods. Such projects are created only by private IT companies and talented people who put their souls in the produced high-tech products! To do this, it is necessary to form a certain investment climate, a stable legal system and business confidence in the authorities. In Russia, it remains only to dream about it.

Why deceive us? Why not spend this money on education and health? Why not stop forgiving debts to authoritarian regimes in other countries? Why not change the legislation and make it more liberal in the interests of business? Is it not clear that this is the only way to prevent brain drain and create a favorable investment climate?


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