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Without money, it is impossible to bring the division of labor between people to perfection. You can not collect taxes in a universal form. Money is needed by any state for its functioning. Public relations of people led to a significant accumulation of knowledge about money. Money turned out to be so powerful and universal instrument of power that a new form of organization of people in the community appeared: "The Power of the Owners of Money". In the minds of some people, the idea is to create money to meet the needs of the world community. Who owns the world's money, he owns a powerful tool for influencing the entire world community. He collects "cream" from the productive activities of all subjects of monetary relations. At the same time, the process of power can be carried out in a "peaceful" way. Without visible violence and hostilities, it is impersonal.

Monopolization of money in one's own state. A single system of paper money is being created for the entire state. The essence of paper money is the bank's receipt for receiving the gold equivalent in the central bank of the state. To create their own single currency, the population of the country is forced to sell all personal gold to the state. Withdrawing alternative money and putting faith in paper money, you can print money as much as you need for the economy of the state, regardless of the gold provision. World money appears on the basis of the state's own money with a powerful economy. All peoples use this money for the international exchange of the products of labor.

The power of owners of money is very large. Probably the most significant in the history of mankind. But, the negative consequences of the "power of the owners of money" are so great that this form of power can not be called perfect and final. It does not allow the world community to reach the maximum possible rate of development. It contains the reasons: for world wars, world turmoil due to the collapse of the world currency and the possibility of mutual destruction of the peoples of mankind in the course of nuclear war. This form of organization of the community will not be able to use the energy of an even larger scale - graviton energy, without the risk of destroying not only humanity, but the planet Earth itself. This form of organization can bring total slavery to humanity.


The world currency is more stable in purchasing power than the currencies of each of the states, due to the large scale. The world community has received a single and universal means for the exchange of the products of labor. The measure of the value of the products of labor. There was a technical opportunity for the division of labor between peoples: to sell one, to buy from others. Since natural conditions vary in different states, everyone can gain a competitive advantage over the others in one type of production. The cost price of goods meeting the needs of people is reduced. The whole world and every single person of the world community is becoming richer.

Forcing the National Banks of the states to issue their own money strictly in the established proportion to the Gold-Currency Reserves, the owners of the world currency do not allow depreciating the national currencies, the governments of states, in order to obtain export advantages for the national business, this is hindered by the total world inflation of national currencies at a level not more than inflation of the world currency.

Parasitization on the world community, organized by the owners of money, is an external reason for the consolidation of people in national and territorial states, for resisting aggression and protecting their own interests. Moral ideology is in demand. The mental activity of the oppressed peoples is stimulated to find ways to protect themselves from exploitation, to organize themselves into a powerful state. Elites of the oppressed powers are encouraged to be moral and take care of their people, for their own survival.

Collecting the "hood" from the world community, the owners of world money make a powerful investment in the development of science, technology, technology, geological research, space research. The best minds of mankind are looking for inexhaustible sources of energy. Knowledge of man about the universe is rapidly accumulating. Gradually manifests truth. There is a powerful growth in labor productivity. There is computer technology of the highest complexity, bordering on science fiction. There is a real opportunity to create a perfect container for the soul, inorganic, self-developing, independent of the will of man.

International money is the result of the mercenary activity of a small group of people. But the result for the world community is great. Perhaps the progression, economic growth and development of science, is associated with the activities of the owners of world money.


The higher the need for money, the stronger the division of labor. Everyone should offer their labor for sale. Everyone must stop meeting their needs on their own. All should become narrow specialists, dependent, dependent on others. The owners of money contribute to a greater degree of division of labor in their state. Creators disappear.

Banks receive more income, the more money they take on credit. People are forced to credit, advertise. Stimulate to excessive consumption and life "in debt". Money is not being processed correctly. Commercial banks, in pursuit of profits, give out loans more than can be done under economic laws. The result of excessive lending - inflation, payment crisis, bankruptcy - the general financial crisis, the economic crisis. Mass death of people from hunger and suicide. The general economic depression in the state, repeated periodically.

Having the power to print money, the owners of money become the most powerful force in the state. The power is financial - the ability to buy all the property in the country. Manipulating the availability of money, you can provoke short-term financial crises in the country and buy cheap all the ruined enterprises, selling them again, at high prices, after the end of the artificial crisis. Since the goods are created only by the toilers, their ruin with the aim of buying them back, brings the people evil. Owners of money are cashing in on workers - speculation. Denying credits to political and economic competitors, it is possible to ruin people in a "manual mode".

Monopolization of money on a global scale. The desire to receive interest payments on loans on a global scale, stimulates the owners of money, to impose their own currency on the entire world community. To create a world currency, it is necessary to create a powerful state. The most powerful in the world. It is necessary to get rid of competitors on this mission. For this purpose, other powerful states are constantly confronted in world wars, as a result of which they drain resources and weaken. All the belligerents support finances and weapons. World wars are evil for humanity and suffering for a huge number of individuals. Drain resources, without benefit to humanity.

To receive credit payments on a global scale, one must impose a world currency on each state in the form of a loan. Each state will be forced to work for export, for the payment of interest on debt. To impose such a loan can only be done by bribing corrupt officials at the highest level of government. To realize this possibility, in the affairs of sovereign states, they interfere with the use of force and impose a form of power in which it is easy to bribe officials. Citizens of the state are deprived of the possibility of self-government and forced to vegetate because of the anarchy of power in the country. The country's economy works for the repayment of loans. Creditors do not allow the development of production, which could create a profit for the payment of all debts. When citizens do not want to tolerate a lower standard of living, a people's revolution is taking place. The highest state post is a patriot. He pays out all external debts, relieves the people of the percentage blow. For that, the agents of the empire kill him, demonstrating murder to the whole world: "This will be with every leader of the colonial state, which does not allow us to exploit the empires, the peoples of the colonies."

The owner of the money receives the more "Hood", the more money is claimed by the international community. Hence, the owner is interested in increasing the need for his services specifically. The higher the need for international money, the stronger the division of labor between states. Hence, it is necessary to promote an increase in the division of labor. For this purpose they forcibly invade the "closed" economies of the states, forcing them to work for export. Many industries in the open economy are not profitable. Entrepreneurs are ruined and beggars. There is no mechanism for their protection. People are wronged, for the sake of self-interest, which is not ethical. For the "opening of economies", legitimate governments elected by the people are overthrown, by means of revolutions, and establish the power of the "shadow" government. The form of the plan is bribery of traitor officials. States in which it is impossible to bribe officials, it is impossible to commit a coup d'état, are subject to world opals and economic isolation. The morality of the people is corrupted by the slogans: "We want to live better", "We are worthy of a better life" ... The goal is to exhaust the people with need and provoke anger to their government. Destroying a strong state system and establishing a "truly" "democratic form of government," people are subjected to exploitation by the tried and tested method of "international credit".

Loss of control over credit money. In world money, the essence of "credit". There is a private "Central Bank". He issues loans to the state. The state uses money (money is used to serve the exchange of goods) and for this pays the Central, interest. The Central Bank spends the interest earned on the purchase of goods, for the purpose of functioning and for the main purpose of its existence - the living expenses of the owners. The money spent by the Central Bank ceases to be credit! They, like credit, serve the purposes of commodity exchange, but the Central Bank does not bring profits anymore !!! Every year, the amount of "Free Money" (money free of interest payment) is growing, and the amount of "Credit Money" (from which the interest is paid) is declining. It is easy to calculate the limit of the existence of the "Credit Monetary System". With payments from the State Bank, to the Central Bank, 8% a year, "Free Money" reaches 90% of the total amount of money put into circulation by credit method, in just 28 years. To save interest on interest, each year has to lend out new portions of money. To need new money, they need to create. First, by increasing the number of users, expanding the credit system to all states of the world. After reaching the limit - inflation: "Keep the volume of profits, devaluing the world's money." To save profits, you have to depreciate the world currency 10 times every 30 years. Disadvantage for individuals - you can not make savings in world currency for old age, prices constantly increase (the opportunity to compare disappears). Disadvantage for the world community - the debt of the empire depreciates; the money supply grows exponentially (in 2037 times / 100 years), rushing to the inevitable collapse of the world currency, in the foreseeable time scale, and a catastrophic world upheaval. The collapse is inevitable due to the increase in expenses for the replacement of the growing mass of obsolete notes. The transition from paper money to electronic money will not solve the problem, but will only delay the moment of the crisis.

The moment of the crisis is pushed aside by causing harm to the world community. By the method of expanding the sphere of use of the world currency to the resisting countries, through their conquest and conquest. The increase in demand for world currency, on the part of the wealthy class of states, for the purpose of saving savings - by the method of hyperinflation of national currencies (due to military conflicts, trade blockade, terrorism). Due to interest payments being withdrawn from all over the world, the empire creates the most powerful army in the world. Threats and violence, collects not only interest payments on loans, but also takes its currency into debt, exchanging for government loan bonds - a method of charging tribute. No country, no president or king can claim this debt.

The loss of control over credit money occurs despite inflation, world hegemony and the collection of tribute. The debt of the empire to the world community is growing, and it is impossible to repay it! Payments on loan bonds are growing. The profits of a private monetary corporation are shrinking. Forced to reduce the cost of bribing the loyalty of the voters of the empire (social benefits and benefits, from the means of profits). The owners of the monetary system are threatened with the loss of state power over the empire. To get rid of debt, the owners of the world currency can provoke a new world war, the result of which will be the renunciation of their debts !!! For the world community, this war will be a colossal retrogression. For individuals - infinite suffering. After the war, the same people, a new world currency will be created, on the basis of another empire. With the same problems and the same outcome in a hundred years.

The inflationary private monetary system has one outcome - a collapse.

To solve the problem peacefully, it is profitable for all, will forgive the debt of the empire! Recognize the fact that it is impossible to recover it. Evenly distribute the burden of loss, at all. Create a new world currency on other principles (fair, without inflation) and continue the progressive movement of the world community towards the goals of nature.

This is an automatic translation.
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