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Salt Lake Elton

What is it about Lake Elton that it deserves a place on the list of the most amazing water bodies in Russia?

Elton is one of the largest salt lakes in the world.
Tourists like to visit this place in the summer, because it is at this time that the lake acquires a golden purple hue. It is believed that this place has healing properties.

Chirka-Kem River

Chirka-Kem is a river in Karelia. Why is it so interesting and why is it worth a visit?
This river is a real attraction for lovers of an active lifestyle, because it is full of rapids along which tourists love to raft.
Making yourself an unforgettable extreme weekend in such a place is the right decision.

Orda cave

It would seem that the cave makes the list of 7 of the best reservoirs in Russia. And if it turns out that this underground cave is filled with water? Interesting, isn't it? First of all, this is just an incredibly beautiful place. Many people are attracted to long mysterious water corridors, hanging stalactites.
And for drivers and all those who cannot imagine their life without extreme sports, the constant release of adrenaline into the blood, this place is a real paradise.

Jack London Lake

When people are shown a photograph of Lake Jack London and asked to guess the country in which it is located, they are most often called Norway. No one suspects that this place of stunning beauty is located in Russia. It is located in the midst of majestic mountains.

You can hardly find a place for a tent with your soulmate, family or friends better than Lake Jack of London in the Far East.

Ruskeala Marble Canyon

Karelia does not cease to amaze with the beauty of its water landscapes.
The former quarry, where marble was mined, is now an exciting canyon, on the site of which is the mountain park Ruskeala.

How to have a fun and unforgettable weekend? - visit the marble canyon of Ruskeala, ride a boat along its beautiful, cleanest waters and put another event in the piggy bank with the best moments of life.

Pink lake Sasyk-Sivash

Looking for beautiful photographs in the background of pink water and spotless blue sky. To make them in August on Lake Sasyk –Sivash, the Crimean peninsula, when the water reaches its maximum pinkness, is no problem.
The lake itself is salty, and its color is due to the unicellular algae that lives in its waters.

Glass bay

Glass Bay - a place on the shores of the Ussuri Bay in Vladivostok. Surely everyone at least once saw a photograph of a beach completely dotted with colored glass washed by the sea.

A decade ago, this place was just a garbage dump, which was subsequently taken out, and the water force was able to round the prickly glass, making the beach one of the most interesting tourist places in the country.

On the territory of Russia are thousands of beautiful reservoirs. All of them have their own zest, and there will not be enough space in any article of the world to devote sufficient time to each such amazing creation of nature.

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