Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle If you are overcome by"> Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle If you are overcome by"/> Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle If you are overcome by"/> Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle If you are overcome by"/>

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Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle If you are overcome by">

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Mexican Hairless Dog - Xoloitzcuintle
If you overcome the desire to have a pet, but at the same time there is not much money for maintenance, this does not matter. I propose to consider the dog Xoloitzcuintle. It does not require large expenses and even special care. You can find out what other advantages are in the arsenal of this dog from this article. As well as recommendations on the content, nutrition and other usefulness in order for the dog to become a full member of the family.

Xoloitzcuintle Content

It is amazing that Xolo was formed in a natural way, independently. Unfortunately, the population of these dogs is small and among them there are high-breed representatives of the entire unit. This is a great companion, for friendship, but not a hunter. It’s absolutely not suitable for life in an aviary; it cannot be kept on a chain. But the apartment with a personal berth, protected from drafts is what you need. Breeders highly value the breed. Nature endowed dogs with a lot of advantages: good health, calm nature, friendliness to guests, indulgence to other pets and cheerfulness. He is a good guard, without a split doubt he will attack a stranger if he raises his voice or tries to hit the master.

Xoloitzcuintle Characteristic

These dogs get along with pets only if they grew up together from childhood, an adult Xoloitzcuintle , because of a selfish character, it will be hard to make friends with them. Inclined to care and even sympathy. He makes contact quickly and easily, becoming attached to every person who speaks affectionately to him. Independent, does not require frequent attention. In the absence of the owner will not be bored, but if a loved one at home, he will follow him on the heels. But the regular absence of the owner is unbearable for Xolo, he cannot stand the constant and long loneliness. In this case, it’s good if there is a child in the family, but reviews regarding the ability to get along with the kids differ, so it’s better to leave the dog with adult children who know how to communicate with dogs.

Xoloitzcuintle Training

Easy to learn, the character is balanced and restrained. He is the real owner, to the fact that he is expensive with special awe, it can be toys, food, a berth or the owner. You need to train from early childhood, as soon as the puppy gets into the apartment. He must understand where his place is and learn not to cast his voice for no reason, and also respond by nickname. Comprehensible and owns an excellent memory, therefore, with the development of standard commands, there will be no difficulties. It is necessary to train logically and gradually, using positive methods. Xoloitzcuintle will easily learn what the owner likes and cannot do. A stern look is enough to stop the prank.

Socialization of Xoloitzcuintle

To make socialization easier and faster, receive guests and often walk in busy parks, so the puppy will learn to interact with other animals and people. It should also be ensured that the whole family is raising a dog, otherwise it will be attached to only one person. Xolo loves and needs daily walks, but in extreme cold it is worth to refrain. Excited about playing sports, for example, running with obstacles, relay race with the ball or playing frisbee, such active attacks will give a lot of positive emotions not only to the dog, but also to the owner.

Xoloitzcuintle Features

The breed is named after the Aztec god - Xolotl and Itzkuintli, which translates as "dog of the god Xolotl." According to legend, protects the house from evil spirits. He has an unusual appearance, in Mexico he was awarded the title of national treasure. Dogs are used in psychotherapy. One of the main reasons why people are drawn to them is their nice skin. Strong and elastic skin, as a result of centuries of evolution, perfectly protects Xolo. Not susceptible to injuries and insect bites. With those who perceive dogs as non-thoughtful creatures, they do not get along, suffer from abuse. Very rarely suffers from allergies, he has no fleas and an unpleasant odor. But claws quickly grow, which do not have time to grind during walks. Even in a good mood, it rarely wags its tail.

Xoloitzcuintle nutrition

Xolo is prone to overeat, so the diet should be carefully selected, and new products must be introduced gradually. Servings depend on age, size, and degree of activity. If there are no teeth, no more than 5-6, then you should definitely feed with solid food. With natural feeding, it is worth considering that these products can lead to allergies: confectionery; egg products; beef or chicken; fish products; soybeans. The following products can also harm the body, it is recommended to abandon them altogether: fatty; potatoes; smoked, salted and spiced foods; synthetic additives; milk carbohydrate foods Beans tubular bones; mushrooms. Xolo is very fond of meat, if you feed the dog raw meat, then it must be divided into small pieces in advance. Water should be bottled or infused for at least 6 hours.

Xoloitzcuintle Care

A daily walk of the pet is required, at least an hour, starting from 4 months. For bad weather, you should buy warm clothes, and in severe frosts completely abandon walking. In sunny weather he likes to bask in the sun, but you need to make sure that the dog does not receive a burn or heat stroke. To avoid burns, you should smear the body of the dog with a protective cream, and after a walk, be sure to rinse with a washcloth. You also need to moisturize your skin with olive or almond oil. For a more effective result, you can add a complex of vitamins. Once every 1-2 weeks, Xolo should be scratched, which has wool, with a brush or massage mitten. Wash 1 time per month. It is imperative to ensure the absence of drafts so that the animal does not catch a cold.

Xoloitzcuintle Care Tips

Frequent bathing can disrupt the skin's natural defenses and clog pores. In case of severe contamination, you can rinse the dog with warm water or wipe it with wet wipes. Ears are examined every week, especially after walking in windy weather. Wipe with a cotton pad moistened with water. Strong black tea or a decoction of chamomile is suitable for the eyes. Wipe also once a week. Teeth are cleaned 2 times a week. A brush or a nozzle on a finger is suitable, a bandage folded in several layers can also come up, they use toothpaste for dogs for cleaning. To avoid tartar and bacteria, solid treats are recommended. It is necessary to accustom to procedures from childhood, so that in the future the dog does not have discomfort.

Xoloitzcuintle Health

At birth, the baby's neck is covered with folds, over time they are smoothed out. If the adult dog has not disappeared, then it is considered not purebred. Pups and black spots may form in puppies for up to 8 months, you should not worry, they are easy to get rid of with scrub or lotion. After a year, such a rash is considered a sign of allergy, an inappropriate diet or vitamin deficiency. In general, it is a healthy and cheerful dog.

Xoloitzcuintle vaccination

Without a vaccine, a pet cannot be taken outside. At the very first vaccination, a veterinary passport is given, where vaccination data will be entered. Within a few days before vaccination, it is necessary to observe the puppy to make sure that he is healthy. For 10-15 days, it is necessary to conduct treatment from worms. First vaccination at 8 weeks. After it, you can not walk and bathe the puppy for 12 days. Also, 1-2 days can be sad and lethargic. Indigestion is possible. In 10-12 weeks, revaccination with the same vaccine. From 4 to 6 months the puppies undergo a tooth change, at this time they can not be vaccinated. At 6 months, a complex vaccine. The next complex vaccine in 1 year. Life expectancy from 12 to 13 years.

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