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I’m just shocked that people still won’t understand that there are no freebies on the Internet. Forget it !!! There is no “loot” button on the Internet and there was no time. Why do you people decide that on the Internet you can earn without fucking doing? How is work on the Internet different from work in real life ??? Sit I myself will answer ....

In real life, to earn something you need to work, the keyword is work. So on the Internet you also need to work. Someone won’t bring you money on a saucer with a blue border for your beautiful eyes ....

And you gentlemen are crooks, both adults and mother's businessmen, disappoint me how much you can milk a dead cow, can it still give milk? Come up with something new, otherwise it will be completely uninteresting to expose you.

And so now essentially:

  1. Hypas (financial pyramids) I don’t repeat terrible evil Not when don’t put your money in there don’t feed this monster let the chance to earn critically small die in the bud is the same as breaking the jackpot in the state lottery by buying only one ticket.
  2. Online games with the withdrawal of money full hat, designed for fools or fools. Do not believe? So you carefully pay attention to the rules in all such "games" there are phrases like this: The game was created exclusively for entertainment purposes .... The wording may be different. But the essence of one site is not responsible for your (former) money. By registering on the site you accept these rules.
  3. Online casino a chance to win a meager if you have nowhere to put money, then play. But as for me it would be better to do good deeds. But if you eat bread without salt, I would think 100 times and watch a video on YouTube there are many revelations of various sharashkin offices.
  4. At this point, I will throw all the garbage into one bin: Info-courses on earnings in 99% of cases, outrageous crap. Schemes for earning a similar situation. Surveys, passing which you will get rich. But before you get the money you will be asked to pay a commission do not care for what, but be sure to ask. Etc

I have listed only a small part of fraudulent schemes; there are so many of them that have been listing them all for very long. And to be honest, I'm just too lazy.

I recently received a letter with the following content:

My answer:

Tips: How to recognize a fraudster on the network. Install the WOT Link extension (plugin) in the browser. Check sites, for example, here Trust in the network. Check site information. Read the project rules carefully. Do not give your money in any circumstances. If you want to take risks, conduct a transaction through a reliable Grand site (an intermediary site that ensures compliance with the contract on both sides). And most importantly, turn on the head. You need it not only to have it ... That's all ... Do not forget to write something and click ... In general, write click.

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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