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Horses are amazing animals that have been used by humans for millennia.

They help in agriculture, take part in sports, and even serve in the police. Animals have a delicate sense of danger and are ready to warn their master. They are distinguished by their unique hearing: they can not only perceive sound waves, but also amplify them. Remarkably oriented, despite the vagaries of the weather and time of day. The following are some of the most interesting facts about these animals.

Appearance and structure

The structural features of the limbs are the reason that the animal can develop excellent running speed. A hind hoof blow is so strong that it can cause the death of a predator or a person. However, horses rarely use their "forbidden weapons." They differ from other mammals in the absence of clavicle. The horses' digestive tract needs constant digestion of food, so they eat very often, but in tiny portions. They love sweets very much. The horses' eyesight is colored; in this way they resemble humans. However, they are not able to distinguish between red and blue tones. The angle of view - almost 360 degrees - allows the horses to see everything that happens not only in front, but also behind, as well as simultaneously in different directions. The sense of smell is another strength of these animals. Old horses lose their visual acuity, but the scent stays with them forever. Horses sleep most often while standing, this habit developed among them during their stay in the wild. Sensitive animals, even in a dream, were ready to break away at the slightest danger. If the horse is not disturbed, he is able to dream.

Nature and behavior

Animals are not only attached to the owner, but also able to be friends with each other. The pose and peculiarity of the movements suggest what the horse’s mood is. And among themselves, they communicate with body movements and voice. Mutual assistance is also characteristic of these animals: having divided in pairs, they drive away flying insects from their partner with their tails. Often horses fight, hitting each other with hooves, but this is not a manifestation of aggression, but fun. Horses are very shy, the smell of blood can cause them extreme stress. Panic fear of bees, which is not surprising: only a dozen bites are enough for death. More than 20 nationalities in Africa and Asia to this day worship horses as sacred animals.

People benefit

It is scientifically proven that those who work with horses suffer from diabetes mellitus half as much as all others. Hippotherapy - horse treatment - is used to rehabilitate disabled people and victims of violence, autistic children. Horseback riding is useful in treating vertebral diseases, and mare’s milk helps treat tuberculosis. And according to popular beliefs, horse sweat is able to dry a wart. However, there is a disease associated with these beneficial animals - hippophobia - a panic fear of horses. The largest number of horses live in China. The Chinese have the honor of inventing a harness; the inhabitants of the East began using animals for transportation of goods about a thousand years before this idea arose among Europeans. The most common horse nickname in the world is Zhu Han, of Chinese origin.

Interesting Facts

The Assyrians were the first to use horses for warfare, this happened at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC Later, horse troops became an essential element of victory over the enemy. Knights, ulans, hussars, Cossacks fought on horses. Horse fighting was considered an art, information about which was carefully stored and passed on to subsequent generations. Small horses of the Falabella breed can become guides for the blind no worse than dogs. There are among the horses and cloned. For example, in 2003, Prometheus was born, an exact copy of his genetic mother. A complex procedure is carried out in relation to valuable racehorses, but because of the high cost it is not particularly popular.

Horse World Records

The largest stallion - a representative of the roan-and-white suit, weighed 1450 kg and had a height of 198 cm. The British Samson-Mamont is a recognized leader in height, at the withers he reaches 219 cm. The long-lived horse Billy, despite the hard work, towing barges, lived 62 years old. Little Little Pampkin, a Falabella breed, is the smallest horse (35.5 cm, weight 9 kg). The owner of the longest mane - more than 3 meters - the stallion Dino. The most expensive horse in the world is the Frenkel stallion, it is estimated at $ 200 million, but the owner does not think to say goodbye to his pet. And the horse sold for a record high price was Sharif Dancer, a racehorse bought for $ 40 million.

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