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Post how to promote blogspot First of all, to speed up indexing and to promote a blog to blogspot, you just need to connect to feedburner. And now I will explain with an example why this is so important.
When connecting to the feedburner service, you can and should enable important features:
This pingshot ping your new post (if possible, instant post indexing),
tab socialize autoposting post in the social network,
improved feed optimization,
and much more useful
After not much manipulation with FeedBurner, blogspot will be a powerful blogger’s weapon. Not for nothing in the burzhuneta blogpot platform is very popular. And promote blogspot there it is easier. For example, there are seo sites that are being promoted for free, but I will write about this in more detail, read how to set up blogspot.
An important change that I make is a small change in the blogspot code itself. This is tidying up the nav bar - the topmost horizontal column (I don't have one). Plus it’s more of a place on the blog. There is no possibility to complain to a competitor against you (report a violation). Personally, I have 4 blogs removed and 2 complained to 2 and therefore they were deleted. Therefore, there is no vertical bar on all of its 40 blogs. There are a lot of doubts about changing the code and have not come to certain conclusions. A lot of traffic is driving bookmarks to top blogs - I personally don’t feel it yet. But adding social bookmarks is a must. I do not a big run on the directories that increases the particles. I connect every new blog to the blogupp free promotion service; traffic from there is verified.
It’s difficult for a beginner to blog everything at once to think everything through and it’s not necessary. Search engines respect the slow promotion of blogspot, take blogs to people too.

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This is an automatic translation.
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