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Polygraph examination or, more simply, a lie detector is the most modern and accurate method in psychophysiological examination. Despite the fact that for Russia this way of “obtaining the truth” is quite new, many experts have been offering a polygraph in Moscow since 2003 and include it in work, in particular, at the legislative level. Whereas, this technique is familiar to a huge number of law-abiding residents except from foreign-made films or books with an intricate plot.

Since a polygraph test for a large mass of Russians is a distant and even fantastic action, this research technique is perceived, not always seriously. So to say, until a person comes into view of law enforcement. But the countries of Western Europe and America are practically on the "you" with a polygraph, because the relevant structures have revealed no loud case using this device.

For some, the novelty of the examination itself on a polygraph is an unprecedented process, namely, because it is still not clear what constitutes such a device as a polygraph. First of all, this is a special technical equipment, which is often used in the course of psycho-physiological research activities. With it, a specialist fixes breathing at the same time, measures indicators of pressure, pulse, blood filling of blood vessels and other reflex abilities of the subject. The objective result of the examination directly depends on the accuracy of such data. Any error or data not recorded in time may indicate the invalidity of the lie detector test.

The person under investigation must be prepared for the widest range of questions to which he will have to answer. As part of the investigation of criminal cases, this method helps to compare the facts, restore the true picture, write off as "no" or, on the contrary, confirm the contradictions between all participants in the incident and the presence of a substantial evidence base, recording all the defendant's reactions to the answers. Often, the polygraph will be used during court hearings, if required by the criminal proceedings.

At first glance, it seems that such a complex type of examination as a polygraph test is used only for disclosing high-profile and complicated cases. But it is not. The range of situations is the most diverse, ranging from standard processes and administrative offenses, ending with serious criminal offenses. Therefore, the fundamental factor that allows you to check any person and objectively collect all the information is the subject's consent. They are not necessarily advocated by the accused in the case. Often, the suspected person refuses to participate in the lie detector test and no one can force him. Then the investigating authorities or the judge may invite other participants who have given their consent for the examination.

With the development of the market of various services and the development of the most diverse audience, the polygraph test method went beyond the judicial circle. So, entrepreneurs of various industries often check their clients or potential employees for an "honest word". Thus, the management team is trying to find out from the applicants for the position a number of questions, for example, the reasons for leaving the previous job, is there a tendency to theft and fraud, the veracity of the data provided. Existing employees of the enterprise may also be involved in the inspection if this is required by an investigation related to forgery of documents and other frauds. By the way, whether according to the trend of fashion, or from personal considerations, but many couples decide to check each other by means of a polygraph, in order to confirm the fact of betrayal, or to refute it.

This is an automatic translation.
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