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It will be about the very beginning of the breeding of bees, where the number of beekeeping families should coincide with the amount of honey sold. Or say with the demand for products on the market, not accumulating honey over the years due to poor implementation with a large number of bee colonies. And we multiply the bees according to the needs of beekeeping products and the first practice of selling honey.

You can just say to sell to relatives, friends, go to the market, give ads on the Internet and in the newspaper, go to fairs, look for wholesale buyers (we lose here in price, but sell most of our commodity honey), it's all right, and at the general or common rivalry probyvat it is necessary. It all direct sales.

However, I want to share my practice of selling honey. How to sell not "selling", yourself? Now it is called multi-level marketing. From what and how it all began?

I had to live in the countryside and sell honey is not so simple. I did not make bees. I did not have honey for honey. The beekeepers with the dynasty had a price higher than all the others, and wholesale was cheaper than all the others at retail (there is a view on 3 l jar)

The village knows almost everything, the principle of a sarafan radio. It is known that the nearest selling point from my house was about 300 m, and up to 10 km there are about 10 points of beekeepers and beekeepers with a dynasty of 2 dots. Who went on a dive, who is not. I had work and did not have time to leave.

To buy three strong beekeeping families, I had to sell my old VAZ car. I did not buy bees from my own village, but traveled out of the region, for three different breeds. I had no initial capital and wanted to buy the missing things for beekeeping.

At that time, I did everything spontaneously. I liked bees very much, and I wanted to get money for honey. Put them into beekeeping and inventory. That is the goal number 1: to translate the breeding of bees first to self-sufficiency, so that in the future it was not necessary to invest in their development, but also to make a profit.

And so in the same year I managed to double the number of bees, and this means that I collected only commercial honey, 5 three-liter cans. With this amount of honey, you will not get rich. What have I done!

This honey is spread to the nearest 4 neighbors by one half-liter jar. As for the inconvenience of flying over the bees and try. (Free); (can be timed to save). The rest of the honey was divided into 4 families of close relatives and kept to myself.

Why in detail and in numbers, because we have come to the main issue of our topic. This will help us in the future, with a high turnover of products, because the numbers are your money. This topic was well told by Donn Feill, the network marketing author, "Ten lessons on napkins." I did not know about this at the time and acted intuitively.


This is an automatic translation.
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