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Each of us, ill, dreams of a panacea: how good it would be to find a remedy that would cure everything at once! But, alas, there is no panacea - no matter how many doctors, manufacturers and sellers of medicines and other drugs assure us of the opposite. All this is nothing more than ....? and only naive and gullible people can believe in these "panaceas" and pay a lot of money for them.
Each consequence has its own cause, and any disease, evidence that your life has cracked. Almost every person has moments when life ceases to please him and there is a need to rethink it and change something. And this task can be so difficult that it is difficult to cope with it on your own.
If you have a difficult period in your life, a difficult state of mind, problems of a psychological nature; If you want to make your life more conscious and change it for the better, I will be happy to help you. I practice in an individual format, and also lead psychotherapeutic groups.

Aberration (deviation from rational behavior and thinking)

Aberrations have a huge impact on our destiny, and the fate of people close to us. Not many people know and understand that aberrations are contagious, like microbes, they pass from one person to another, from parents to a child, sparing no one!

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