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Specialized social network Vetworld gives to all who are in one way or another connected with animals, great opportunities both in the professional sphere and in solving everyday problems of their pets.

In our network you can find the professional you need and take advantage of his services, exchange experience with colleagues, discuss any issues related to your pet, and also offer and promote your goods and services.

We hope that for veterinarians and business owners, our network will become a powerful working tool and a source of professional growth, and all pet owners will have unique opportunities to care for their pets.

The capabilities of each user of the Vetworld project depend on his field of activity, his / her proven professional competence, personal interests and the observance of the simple rules established for each service of our network.

All basic capabilities and tools of our network are provided for free, but for the use of additional, premium opportunities to promote their products and services (their content), they are charged according to the established tariffs.

Each user of our network, acting in their own interests, independently decides on the use of any opportunities, tools and services. Use of paid features is not mandatory.

We believe that by offering our products and services, as well as paying for goods and services of other participants of the Vetworld project, each user will act in their own interests reasonably and in good faith, with full respect for law and morality.

The administration of the network does not interfere in the relations between users, but has the right at any time to restrict access to the network to those users who violate established rules and standards of decency.

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