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One of the most popular offers in the residential real estate market are one-room apartments ranging from 30 to 50 m2 . In this article, the cost of finishing a standard one-bedroom apartment is exemplified by the example of an apartment in the "Rasskazovo" residential complex with an area of ​​49 m2 , of which 4 m2 is on a loggia. In the future, all calculations are based on an area of ​​45 m2. The material has been prepared on the basis of the design project executed by Comfort Management , and belongs to the category of standard or "ready solutions" .

Starting work on the project , we decided to work out an inexpensive option for finishing, the so-called "comfort" class . This apartment is suitable for a young family, as well as for students who have the opportunity to rent quality housing or purchase their own while studying. The layout may well suit those who plan to rent an apartment and those who want to make a relatively inexpensive, but high-quality repair in a short time .

In principle, the layout is not changed , this task was not put in this project. Since we decided to divide the living room into two zones - a working room and a bedroom, the entrance to the room is made from the kitchen, which is the entrance. In addition, it is possible to install in the hallway wardrobe for outerwear in addition to the dressing room.

The relatively inexpensive , but high-quality finishing materials - floor ceramic granite Gris Lisboa , the doors of the factory "Volhovets" are selected . The walls are pasted with non-woven AS Creation (manufactured in Germany) for painting. This solution gives the walls an texture similar to decorative plaster, but at the same time is inexpensive and practical, resistant to mechanical damage. The decoration of the ceilings uses the Orac Decor baguette. Fixtures are built in the ceiling. The walls and ceilings are painted with Dulux paint. Kitchen corner, with built-in appliances - refrigerator, washing machine, oven and microwave oven. The furniture is selected from the Ikea catalog, a table top made from MDF.

The bedroom is divided into two zones - a recreation area and a work / study area. Laminate Wineo 500 Yale Oak. Furniture is selected mainly from the Ikea and Hoff catalogs - these furniture samples are always available or delivered on request in a short time.

We decided to use quality materials for the bathroom project , so we chose Hansgrohe mixers and Jacob Delafon plumbing . The toilet pendant, the installation of GroheRapidSL , the perfect combination of price and quality. The sink is a bill of lading, mounted on a table top made of artificial stone.

Cost of works, materials and interior items

As the project is classified as "ready-made solutions" , it is free for the customer. The cost of rough finishing works, taking into account materials for such a layout, was 552372 rubles. In the estimate of finishing works, the costs are distributed as follows:

As can be seen from the diagram presented, almost half of all costs are for rough work and materials - plaster, screed, putty. Qualitatively executed roughing works - a pledge of qualitative finishing . Therefore, such a distribution of costs is normal and this should not be saved.

Another thing - the cost of finishing materials : laminate, wallpaper, tiles. This project belongs to the class "Comfort", and we deliberately did not include in the budget expensive luxury materials , furniture and textiles. But, if desired, the cost of finishing materials and "filling" the apartment easily varies both in large and in smaller side.

As you can see, about a third of all costs are in the kitchen , another third - in furniture . In the calculation used kitchen furniture from Ikea. Kitchen set with built-in appliances cost 360 thousand rubles, which is quite normal by today's standards for inexpensive, but high-quality furniture.

The total cost of all work , materials, furniture and interior items was 1652100 rubles in February 2018 prices . Accordingly, with an area of ​​45 m2, the cost of 1 m2 fully "turnkey", with all the finishing materials, with furniture and appliances is approximately 36,700 rubles. I want to note that we did not change the windows and radiators , did not make additional noise insulation of ceilings and stains , just used high-quality and not very expensive materials. Spoons and forks on the table, books on the shelves, and family photos were also taken into account. I would like to stress once again that we are talking about the "comfort" class. And if you plan to create yourself comfortable living conditions in a one-room apartment, you should calculate your budget based on this figure.

By contacting ComfortManagement , you receive a full range of services to create your future housing. We guarantee quality and reasonable prices, compliance with the timing of project implementation and full transparency of all costs.

Yours faithfully,

Sergey Andreev,

The general director of the company "Comfort Management"

This is an automatic translation.
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