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Recreated model of sport-roadster ZIS-101A-Sport of 1939 year

In the distant 1938, when the Soviet motor sport was only in its infancy, three young workers of the Design Bureau of the Stalin Name Factory (since 1956 renamed the Ivan Likhachev Plant) -Vladimir Kremenetsky, Nikolai Pulmanov and Anatoly Pukhalin, were burning with the idea of ​​creating their own sport car.
For the base was taken the latest version of ZIS-101, produced serially from the thirty-sixth year. The original model was revised suspension, stabilizers were installed lateral stability and the first time it appeared vacuum brake booster.
In the engine compartment of the vehicle, the manufacturers installed an upgraded (with increased compression) eight-cylinder engine from ZIS-101, but if the latter had a 5766 cm3 cube. with the output of only 90 horsepower, then the updated volume was 6060 "cubes" and thrust in 141 hp.
Then it became behind the body. The sports car needed a streamlined body, for this the designer Valentine Rostkov was invited to the team, who solved this problem with the help of a leaflet and watercolors. The next stumbling block was the implementation of the design, it was necessary to make casting molds, stamps, rigging, wooden blockhead. The authorities did not share the enthusiasm of the Komsomol members and did not give good. But then the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" came to the aid, which has not yet created a model in "gifts to the Motherland". And the leadership had to go to meet the young designers (if they refused, they could pay). And in 1939 the car appeared in front of the very same IV Stalin, who liked the car.
The following year, during the road tests, the ZIS-101A-Sport was dispersed to 162.4 km / h. But then "there was a war" ... Only one car was produced. His fate is unknown, the first Soviet sports car during the evacuation of the car factory was abandoned. The following developments of sports cars will begin only ten years after the end of the Great Patriotic War in the "golden age of Soviet motorsport", but these will be other models with a different story.

The historical photo ZIS-101A-Sport of 1939.

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