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Citizens of the state need a universal device "PET": Passport; Online wallet; Phone.

This device is easy to implement on the basis of a modern smartphone and cellular communication.

The device combines three functions:

- Passport: Civil rights; The right to vote and be elected.

- Electronic purse: Payments to any EC.

- Cellular phone: Audio and video communication; The Internet.

Access to any person is carried out by any of the following methods:

- By name.

- By passport number.

- By e-wallet number (= taxpayer's code number).

- By phone number.

Financial support of the compatriot.

You can financially support your favorite actor, who desperately needs money, but has pride, so he will never ask for help. And to earn money for a person with popular renown is not so easy.

George Vitsin.

He gave joy to people through his play, charisma, talent. Many do not realize that voice-overs is his voice (link to an article).

He died in poverty.

We should be ashamed of our stiffness and imperfection of the social system of remuneration for work. We must patch up the gaps in the system - with personal help. Out of gratitude.

With a real payment system, to find out the account of a person, to open an electronic account, to transfer money - it is very laborious. Most will not do anything out of laziness.

The PET project allows you to install an automatic payment not only to a candidate for the emperor, but to any person whom the worker wants to support financially, out of gratitude. And the one who is thanked will know all the benefactors by name.

The new concept of "Passport-EC-Phone" will overcome the problem of laziness. Will allow to thank compatriots for good. Allows you to become a highly spiritual strong nation.


I'm not an entrepreneur or a politician. I'm not going to make this project a reality. I'm just showing the idea. I show you how you can do it and what it's for. All that depends on you is to support the idea, by your consent. Express this agreement. Nothing more is required of you. The idea itself realizes if there is an essential social order.


This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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