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Man, the Creator's creation, is the bearer of the third-level virtual reality.

A man can create a device from matter in which there will be a "virtual world of the third level", similar to the human soul or superior to it.

This will.

Artificial virtual worlds of the third level.

Virtual third-level worlds can be created in huge quantities.

The third level is free from the limitations of the second and first levels imposed by the Creators of these worlds. In the third world, a person can create his own laws of the existence of the world itself and virtual beings. Virtual creatures of the third world can differ significantly from us. They can live without the limitations of the body. By the power of thought to create and create objects within the third world. Freedom for creativity and fantasy.

The virtual world of the third level can be in contact with the world of the second level. Worlds can mutually influence each other. Ideas generated by third world beings can be embodied in the second world. A person can live in the third world through a telepathic interface and avatar. A person will be able to communicate with third world beings who are not people. The beings of the third world will be able to penetrate into our, the second world, through an artificial material body - the avatar.

Use of the third reality in evil.

If mankind continues the evolution of "The Way of Evil," man-made reality of the third level can be used to increase the degree of control over a person. This will lead to increased violence and suffering, which can not be saved from.

In the third world, it is possible to create an analog of the human soul, but from inorganics. Technology can easily create trillions of such souls. The third world can become a hell for such souls.

To prevent the use of the third level of virtuality in the evil souls, one must change one's spirituality and the way of organization to the state.

Films on the theme "Man-Made Virtual Reality of the Third Level"

1998-Dark City - Dark City


1999-thirteenth floor




2006-Deja vu - Deja Vu

2010-Beginning - Inception

2010-Repeating - Repeaters

2011-Source Code - Source Code

2011-Changing the Reality

2014-Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow

1999-thirteenth floor

Content of the film

"Someone created thousands of imitations of the real world (2024).

Virtual creatures of one of the imitations (1999) created their own imitation (1937) !!! The only of a thousand!

Creatures from the imitation of the first and second level do not know about their nature. They think they are real.

The scientist guessed from the first imitation of the truth. He is killed by a person from the real world who has settled into his own imitation.

A woman is more in love with imitation than in a real husband.

The personality of imitation moves into the body of a real person. "

Engine room in the virtual world "Los Angeles 1999" - The matrix for imitation of the virtual world "Los Angeles 1937".

The moment of self-awareness in the matrix of "Los Angeles 1937".

The edge of the virtual world in the matrix "Los Angeles 1999". To reach here to anybody in a head does not come. This desire is blocked by the program (programmer).

This film is a masterpiece!

2011-Source Code - Source Code

Content of the film

A soldier in a state of coma, trying to find a terrorist, in imitation of reality. Multiple residence of the same moment.

2011-Source code. The position of the body in the real world.

2011-Source code. Imitation of reality number 1

2011-Source code. Simulation of reality number 2

A cynic scientist.

Parallel reality. There is another branch of reality. Alternative. Reality depends on us !!!

The film is qualitative and spiritual. Actors are pretty.

2014-Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow

The stranger is trying to capture the planet earthlings. Destroys everyone, knowing the future.

If you kill Alpha, the day will reboot, after the death of a person.

There is a chance!

To correct all mistakes is great work.

An unethical journalist becomes a hero and saves earthlings.

After many failures, the concentration is only on the main.

Aliens. This is not an army, but a single organism.

Alpha as the central nervous system, 1/6180 000 drones.

There is a brain, Omega, controls all, can restart anew after the death of Alpha.

The enemy who knows the future can not lose (both said to strengthen the emphasis).

In Verdun, they allowed him to win in order to enter the illusion.

The organism, the fascinating worlds, their millions, wander like viruses, attack.

To sacrifice yourself, not to kill the alpha. Heroism.

All vulgar jokers become heroes. They sacrifice their lives.

For the sake of the whole human race.

The film "2014-Edge of Tomorrow" shows the possibility, to manage the "second-level matrix" - imitation of the "Matrix of Cosmos". What for?

If the second-level matrix is ​​an exact imitation of the Cosmos matrix, then running the events in the simulation, with a slightly higher speed, will allow "anticipating" events in the "present" world, and accordingly act accordingly. Then victory is guaranteed.

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This is an automatic translation.
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