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Or the second level, depending on where to count.

Biogenic life

The creator of the "Biogenic Life" has invested in the genome a program to restore lost power. Program of the restoration of the Self (spiritual = information essence) in the matter of the Cosmos. Restoration "At any cost."

The entire genome, necessary for reincarnation, is broken up into small fragments. Each is placed in an invulnerable for the elements of nature capsule - a dispute. When the spores get into favorable conditions, either the virus is restored from it (sperm, in fact - the virus, the cage is not), or the bacterium is the unicellular "survival machine" of the genome.

Bacteria multiply themselves in geometric progression. After reaching some planned concentration of biomass, other programs are included. The exchange of genes begins. Genes accumulate in the genomes of cells and, having reached a certain limit, begin to build multicellular survival machines.

Many multicellular survival machines are designed for the Terra formation of the planet - the preparation of conditions for the life of multicellular forms of biogenic life. Photosynthetic organisms are designed for the synthesis of biomass in huge quantities. Biomass synthesized by "simple" organisms serves as a medium (food) for the life of "complex" organisms.

So there is a person.

Man is predestined by the Creator as a tool for the fulfillment of the mission. Everything in a person is thoroughly thought out and expedient.

Biogenic life is an engineering design.

Man is an engineering construct.

The virtual reality of the first level is generated by the Matrix of Cosmos.

Virtual reality of the second level is a copy of the Matrix of Cosmos inside the engineering structure, consisting of the matter of the reality of the first level.

Virtual reality of the third level

The entire nervous system of man (organs of perception, consciousness and subconsciousness) is the "Soul". The soul of man, in fact - the matrix in which a copy of the observed world is synthesized is a virtual reality of the third level.

The "virtual reality" of the Matrix becomes a "real reality" only through a material device - the soul. And only for the soul.

In this device (soul), "I" is the observing subject. Morphologically generated by consciousness.

Consciousness can observe the virtual world of the second level (the real world) - through the organs of perception and the virtual world of the third level - through the subconscious. Virtual worlds of the third level are the worlds generated by our subconscious.

Virtual reality of the third level is generated in the subconscious - the cerebral hemispheres. Consciousness is only an observer of the processes that are taking place.

Access to the virtual reality of the third level is realized only through consciousness.

Virtual reality is generated in the subconscious in several ways.

- Real reality, through the organs of perception.

- The subconscious mind in the process of creative thinking.

- The excitement of the images laid down for us by the Creator, as a message.

The soul is a device made of matter (engineering design), which generates virtual reality of the third level.

Phenomena of the Soul:

- A dreamy reality.

- Awareness in a dream.

- Joint "sleepwalking".

Access to the virtual reality of the third level

For many people, the virtual reality, generated by the subconscious, is closed. The surrogate of this reality is bright, realistic dreams in which you can realize yourself.

All the phenomena of the soul do not just happen, but because the Creator predestinated them.

Why is the access to the virtual reality of the subconscious for the majority closed? If so, then there is a reason for this. Not everyone can go there. There is a sacrament guarded by guardians of sleep (programs of the virtual world of our subconscious). And access to the secrets of the virtual reality of the subconscious is only open to those people whose spiritual qualities correspond to the standard. Anyone who tries to break into the virtual world of the subconscious by the methods of "dream hackers" gets a powerful rebuff, even to death. Or such a disorder in judgments, which others perceive as insanity.

So, most people are denied access to the virtual world of the subconscious, because the mission of the majority is simple: "multiply and multiply." Such people are the basis for the creation of a large number of humanity. The basis for an evolutionary leap in the growth of power. They receive instruction from the subconscious in the form of the desire of sex, family, children ... Blindly execute the program enclosed in them, considering it their own desire. They should not be distracted from their business. This is their mission.

Some people have the ability to become aware in a dream. If this happens by accident, watchmen throw out consciousness from sleep or substitute the plot of sleep, knocking awareness out.

The reality is that realizing in a dream is an extremely difficult task. The mindfulness program in sleep is turned off, does not work. And we need incredible organizational measures to circumvent this program-ban.

And what in reality? In fact, the same as in a dream, but not so sharply expressed. The overwhelming majority of people do not recognize themselves in the waking state of consciousness. They act as complex mechanisms, on "autopilot".

Only someone who has been practicing for a long time in trying to recognize oneself during sleep can do this in a waking state. Such a person is called "awakened". He recognizes himself and the cause of his existence.

Individual Subconscious

Each person uses the resource of his subconscious. The subconscious mind is a powerful "computer" (= calculator). He follows the reality through the organs of perception and takes managerial decisions. Ready-made orders of the subconscious mind perceive as their own desire. And it does.

Every person (his consciousness) lives in his own virtual reality. The reality created by the individual subconscious. How many people exist - there are so many virtual realities of the third level.

Collective Subconscious (Collective Soul)

Our subconscious can communicate with each other, conveying information. They do it in such a way that consciousness does not know what is happening. All human subconscious are the material basis for a huge creature, not visible to anyone. It knows everything about everyone. Nobody knows about him.

Some of the phenomena of its existence are perceived by man as a "miracle." Knowledge of the facts of other people's lives, the present and the past. Clairvoyance. Chronicles of Akash. Prophetic dreams.

For some time, in a dream, the subconscious of each person lives his own life, independent of the individual, of which he is a part. All subconscious people interact with each other (communicate). They are part of the individual being - the "Collective Soul". This is the physical (material) basis of the noosphere. Noosphere - inside of us !!!

Some people are able to draw information from the noosphere.

Information that is stored in the noosphere is a product of the intellectual labor of all thinkers, for the entire time of human existence. Constantly replenished.

Part of the information is embedded in the subconscious "Creator of the biogenic life". He gave us instructions and drawings of what We need to recreate. Those people who focus their attention long enough and formulate the questions most clearly, get the same answers - they make the same "discovery", independently of each other, "independently".

The Collective Soul is the "Matrix" generating the virtual world of the third level. Engineering construction, embedded in the code of the genome "Creator of the biogenic life".

Since the body is not one person, but all at once, the Creator has laid in the subconscious programs that favor the good and kill the evil.

The good are those who do good to the other "I" of the Creator.

Evil are those who harm the other "I" of the Creator.

This happens at the level of hormones. Everyone who wishes evil to other people gets a blow to their health. The purpose of this blow is to reduce or terminate the activity of the evil person.

And, the Creator can not be deceived. It will not be possible to behave like "good". You have to be good, in your thoughts and in your actions. It is the mental state of goodwill that generates a healthy hormonal background. A healthy hormonal background heals sores. "Miracle of self-healing."

Creatures living inside the virtual reality of the third level

Information organisms: Individuals, egregors.

"Information organisms" are similar to biogenic organisms, but they do not have their own Soul. Therefore, they are not able to feel, experience emotions. They are "intellectual beings".

"Information organisms" do not have a physical body. Their "bodies" consist of "Monads of Information". These are "spiritual beings" = informational. These are "Spirits", in the sense of the word familiar to man. They live only in the human soul and only through the soul. Out of the soul of a person they are not.

Information organisms live, at the expense of the resources of the human soul. They capture the human soul, settle in it and realize themselves in the external world, through control over the soul and body of man.

These beings have the will and impose their will on individuals. People, not understanding the original cause, perceive the will of these beings as their own, and blindly execute it, even at the cost of suffering.

Information organisms, in their essence, are good and evil.

Good - lead a person to his own good, through the common good.

Evil - lead a person to his own good, through causing evil to others.

The topic is described in detail here .

Mistaken interpretation of facts (visibility)

Some people, observing virtual worlds in a dream, conclude that these are other realities that our soul travels during sleep.

From this they conclude that the soul is separated from the body and has an existence independent of the body.

The following reasoning - "The soul is immortal."

Hence the idea - "Reincarnation of the soul." Repeated incarnations of a disembodied spirit-like substance in material bodies. The body is mortal, and the soul replaces the material bodies in the process of infinite existence.

To give meaning to reincarnations, the idea that the soul is learning something is invented, here in the material world of the Cosmos, which can be useful for the life of the soul in "other worlds".

An additional idea is "Posthumous retribution for sins" committed by the soul during life in the material body. Hell is the place where a sinful soul is punished, suffering. Paradise is the place where the soul receives reward with pleasures, for righteousness. The reincarnation is the punishment for sins in order to improve: to become moral and moral.

The negative consequence of all misconceptions is an egoistic worldview. It rests on the fact that the individual has nothing to do with other common things. And all that he does has one goal - his own good. Moral values ​​of society make such an individual reckon with the interests of other people, but as a way of taking care of oneself (getting rid of karma).


Mankind is a discrete organism. The way of reincarnation of the Creator of the biogenic life.

Humanity: All who lived; All who live; All who will live.

"All of us are the faces of the Big Self".

In each individual the same spiritual essence is embodied - the "I" of the Creator.

"I" - in everyone. "I" - in all. "I" - the same thing!

Friend, in you there lives a part of God !!! You are the part of God !!!

Think about it.

The highest degree of self-awareness is the understanding of this simple and important truth.

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This is an automatic translation.
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