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Technical device

There is a possibility that the Cosmos given to us in perceptions is not a virtual reality of the first level. This is an imitation of the Cosmos, created inside a technical device, consisting of the matter of virtual reality of the first level.

Thus, the reality around us is a virtual reality of the second level.

It is like a real cosmos, generated by a matrix. But it is built according to other laws. It is executed by means of a computer of huge power. Incredibly smaller scale than the Matrix of Cosmos, Created by the "Creator of the Cosmos".

The virtual world of the second level exists autonomously from the virtual world of the first level and just repeats the processes that took place, occurring or those that could occur in the future.

Virtual reality of the second level is created with the goals of modeling real processes. It can be restarted, laws updated, initial conditions ...

In this "matrix" time is no longer a property of the motion of matter, as in the "Matrix of Cosmos of the first level". Its course is determined by a supercomputer in the form of a clock frequency. And from it all processes of movement of virtual forms are estimated.

Time inside the matrix of the second level can flow thousands of times faster than in the matrix of the first level. So, it is possible to simulate reality very quickly.

There may be several such virtual worlds. A lot of. In each, different initial conditions are modeled. These worlds exist independently of each other. It is impossible to penetrate from one World into another.

Inside the second-level matrix, in the same way as inside the matrix of the first level, there is nothing really moving. All virtual - information processes inside the "calculator".

The creator of the technical device

This device was created by the subject, generated from the matter of the virtual reality of the first level (the creation of the "Creator of the Cosmos"). For example, the very one that created a "biogenic life" in the solar system.


The purpose of this simulation is simple. Check whether biogenic life will be able to fulfill the mission entrusted to it, on this planet with these conditions and for how long. And if he can not, what needs to be changed in the initial conditions so that the mission can be carried out. Determine what to do if the mission on this planet in these conditions is not feasible.


I admit this opportunity. Some of the phenomena of this world can not be explained by the laws of the "Matrix of Cosmos". There is a violation of them. This violation is possible only if our World is not the "Matrix of Cosmos", but its imitation (not the second, but the third level).

But I do not have "solid" facts in favor of this hypothesis. Therefore, this is only a hypothesis.

Time ahead of time

If our world is a model, then there is a probability that this model is ahead of real time. The world that we see around us, in the "Matrix of Cosmos" is not yet.

Virtual world, inside the "virtual world of the second level"

Inside the "virtual world of the second level" is a "virtual world of the third level."

His reason, too, is "Creator of biogenic life". The virtual world of the third level is intended as an instrument for the fulfillment of a mission by biogenic beings. The following article is devoted to the topic.

Only thanks to the virtual reality of the third level, we treat the virtual reality of the second level as "real reality, material". "The first virtual reality" - we do not know.

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This is an automatic translation.
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