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The essence is very capacious:

- The Creator of the Matrix (Cosmos).

- Creator of the "Biogenic Life".

This model of the Universe is the truth, for me. Now more.

The first part of the formula: "The Creator of the Matrix"

The world of the "real reality" in which We live is a virtual reality, a property of the "Matrix". The matrix consists of a huge number of "active points" (like pixels on the monitor screen, only three-dimensional).

This "Matrix" is an engineering design of incredible, unthinkable dimensions. Like any design, the "Matrix" has its own Constructor - "The Creator of the Cosmos". Speaking earthly language is an engineer.

The matrix is ​​very simple in its structural organization. It consists of one compound structure, repeating countless times.

The Matrix works according to the laws laid down in it by the Creator. These laws are not violated and do not change. Laws are predetermined. Failures and breakages - no. The matrix is ​​a highly executed device.

All processes occurring within the Matrix are informational. But only in relation to the external "observer". For us, the objects of the matrix - everything is real.

Space is a virtual property of the "Matrix". The space and basic particles of the Cosmos are a property generated by the Matrix.

Basic particles, interacting with each other as objects, generate particles of matter, gravitational and magnetic fields ("Ether").

Matter is the object of the virtual reality of the Matrix. For us matter is - "Real reality". Reality, generated by the action and interaction of particles of matter.

Under the action of forces universal for Cosmos, magnetism and gravitation (generated by the metabolism of matter), matter is collected into local objects: stars, galaxies.

Photo: Star, globular cluster of stars, galaxy.

Photo: Merging galaxies, Cluster of galaxies.

Photo: Collision of galaxies. Magnetic ray, generated by a double proton star, exciting the glow of gaseous matter.

Photo: Collision of stars.

Photo: Explosions of stars.

Photo: Planets, generated by stars after explosions and collisions.

Matter is subject to global cycles of transformation.

The Matrix constructor put into it such properties that led to the synthesis of matter from the base particles and the directional course of its transformation with very large (in comparison with our life) cycles of existence. First, matter is synthesized from the base particles - "born . " "Lives" - maintains its existence by the consumption of graviton energy, the "gravitational field of the Cosmos". It exhausts the energy of the gravitational field and decays - it "dies" .

This concludes the description of the first part of the Peace Model formula - "The Creator of the Matrix".

The second part of the formula: Creator of the "Biogenic Life"

At some point in the transformation of matter, planets appeared. On the planets, conditions for "multimolecular forms" of life of matter arose.

All these forms of life are laid, as potential, in the Matrix - the Constructor of the Matrix. In the virtual reality of the Matrix, the potential inherent in the Designer is embodied - it acquires material flesh.

Billions of galaxies of the Cosmos. Billions of stars in every galaxy. Unthinkable number of planets.

Photo: Dark matter is a substance thrown off by stars. Including the planet.

Somewhere the Designer's plan worked. "Self-generated" more complex forms of life.

"Evolved" to a form that has a mind. Has passed from an organic form to an inorganic form. Expansion began to other planets and stars. The uniform by origin of life form has forgotten its roots. Different parts of it began to quarrel with each other.

Our existence is an imprint of the drama that occurred in the solar system.

One reasonable form of life sought to destroy the other. I followed her very long and caught up here, near the Sun. A weaker form of life, made an attempt to escape in any way. She programmed her reincarnation into the matter of real reality through the "Genetic Code".

Photo: Genetic code in DNA molecules.

Created a huge number of spores - the custodians of DNA and scattered on the surface of a huge planet, weighing 7 times the mass of the Earth, with conditions suitable for genetic evolution.

Our Creator was either destroyed here or flew to another star in order to sow other worlds with spores with the "Genome Code", for a greater probability of survival.

The enemy destroyed the planet 7m3 with an explosion of enormous power from within.

Video 14 seconds to visualize the text.

The theoretical possibility of such a device is (annihilation of matter) and someday it will be created again. The wreckage of the blasted planet flew very far from the Sun and is in the form of an Oort cloud with a mass of 5 Earth masses.

Only a small part of the debris with a mass of 2 Earth masses was captured by Jupiter. And there, on its orbit a new planet was formed. In it, the matter of an exploded planet melted.

The lithosphere (sedimentary cover) was formed, a powerful atmosphere and hydrosphere.

With meteorites, it was controversial with an exploded planet. And the evolution began - the reincarnation of the "Creator of the biogenic life" into a powerful material container (biogenic).

At the bottom of the ocean of the Ancient Planet 2m3, a powerful layer of limestone was formed - the result of the life activity of microplankton. The entire surface of the Earth is covered with a thick limestone monolith, formed on the Ancient Planet. On the fractures, this layer is exposed and its thickness is visible.

The origin of the Earth is 164. The Lena Pillars. Limestone. Lena river.

No sooner had the evolution achieved the set goal, the planet catches the catastrophe for astronomical reasons. The ancient planet is destroyed in the strong gravitational field of Jupiter. The two largest fragments are the Earth and Venus. Biogenic life is preserved only on Earth - the largest fragment of the DP.

Photo: Ancient planet and its wreckage. In proportion to the size.

All terrestrial biogenic organisms have a single cause of origin and a single goal of existence - the reincarnation of the "Creator of the biogenic life".

Man is only a small part of this giant biogenic being. But it is the person entrusted with the mission - to fulfill the task invested in us.

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This is an automatic translation.
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