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Problem number 1. "Debt of households."

In the US, the issue of money (withdrawal of money into circulation) is carried out through the issuance of a loan. To stimulate the economy, households impose loans, reducing the interest rate from year to year. The debt accumulated in 130% of the annual income. 70% of the income goes to repay the loan. Therefore, the "consumer investment" of households decreased, which led to a decline in the US economy.

Problem number 2. "Exchange speculation."

Big debts of households do not allow raising interest rates on loans. This will lead to an increase in debt by interest to a level that will ruin most households and lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the country. Therefore, in pursuit of profits, commercial banks prefer to give out loans for the purposes of exchange speculation. They give out loans to gambling people, and they buy shares and indexes on stock exchanges for credit, contributing to excessive, unreasonable common sense increase in stock prices. "Financial bubbles" are inflated. The debt pyramid is growing and inevitably will collapse: the ruin of speculators, the ruin of commercial banks, the collapse of the financial system, the collapse of the economy.

Problem number 3. "Free money".

Banks spend their profits, received on interest from households, entrepreneurs, exchange speculators. This money comes into circulation. People have money to trade, for which there is no need to pay interest on the loan. This is not credit money. It's free money. Free from credit payment. Free money accumulates in circulation and people stop taking loans from commercial banks, as there is no need for them anymore. The profits of banks are decreasing. Commercial banks withdraw free money from circulation, attracting them to deposits. But now they are forced to pay interest on them themselves. Under a small percentage of money will not bring. We need a big one. But if you pay a large percentage, you need to increase the interest rate for loans. And then the problem №1 is activated. The debt of households is so great that interest payments are not lifted. In addition, the "consumer investment" of households in the economy will further decrease, which contributes to its collapse.

Problem number 4. "Currency inflation."

Problem # 3 is solved by a palliative measure - inflation of the dollar. The dollar purposefully depreciates. For this reason, its purchasing power is reduced. To preserve goods exchange, new portions of money are needed. They are printed and put into circulation through credit. This method restores profits. To maintain profits, a high degree of dollar inflation is needed. But high inflation kills production with a long cycle. They can not calculate the cost-effective price and are ruined.

The high dollar inflation required by the world supranational financial elite to preserve profits is harmful to the US national economy. High inflation is killing the US economy.

Hilary Clinton - defending the interests of the financial world elite at the expense of the economic interests of the US (that is, the national elite of the United States).

Donald Trump - protection of the interests of the US economy to the detriment of the interests of the world financial supranational elite.

Split in the interests of the national and supranational elites of the United States. Trump's impeachment attempt. The threat of civil war in the United States.

Systemic crisis.

The crisis in the US is a systemic one. It is caused by an error in the algorithm of functioning of the financial system of the country. It can only be corrected systematically - replacing the algorithm with another, without blemish.

You can suspend the development of the crisis.

- Prohibition of issuing a loan for stock speculation. Severe punishment of banks-violators.

- To prohibit the collection of funds for investment through the issue of shares. Leave only a loan from commercial banks. Make a loan stable in time and small in size.

- Reduce the issuance of loans to households.

- Freeze some of the debts of households for several years. Do not charge a percentage of the frozen portion of the debt. Reduce the amount of interest payments, this increase household spending - that is, increase consumer purchases in their own economies.

- Legislatively increase the minimum wage in the country - by this, increase consumer purchases in the economy.

These measures, in fact, state interference in a free market economy. Useful for national interests and the national elite, are harmful to the interests of the supranational financial elite.

If the US elite can not find a compromise in the interests, it will bring down the US economy, which is the base for the global financial system and the basis for building an instrument of violence - the US armed forces. The hegemony of the United States will end. World evil will take other forms. Perhaps worse than now.

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