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Now there are a lot of resources where professionals and pen fans can appeal to a large audience. But mostly these are foreign projects that pursue their goals gradually through regulating the flow of information - artificially hush one and stick out another.

We are going to give free rein to the whole spectrum of opinions in order to carve a spark of truth in their fight.

A publicist is, in a broad sense, one who seeks to convey his opinion and his civic stand to fellow citizens. A journalism - a genre that draws from the sea of ​​knowledge and events the most relevant and burning. The publicist writes not for training, but for influencing public opinion; in the field of journalism are the most relevant questions for now. These are historical allusions, and fresh news that provokes public resonance. Publicism is ahead of the conclusions of the exact sciences and forces legislators to respond to the most pressing needs of the present day. By polemicizing with the enemy, it seeks to reach the truth. Let it not reach it, as an eternally escaping horizon, but raise the level of self-consciousness in society, so that it does not serve as a toy in the hands of irresponsible politicians ...

Join now! Everyone will be interested! The circle of our topics is wide: actual information, politics, humor, life, love. Young and impudent talents, we will help to become professional publicists. But anyone willing to share their thoughts will find their audience here. Those who deserve the greatest recognition of readers, are waiting for flattery for the author's vanity of rewards.

This is an automatic translation.
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